The Memorial Ceremony 2017 to Ancestors in Huang Di's Hometown Witnesses New Highlights and New Breakthroughs


All Preparatory Work Basically Done; To be Held as Scheduled this Thursday
       The Memorial Ceremony 2017 to Ancestors in Huang Di's Hometown was held on Thursday this week. At present, the preparatory work had been basically ready. Yesterday morning, the ceremony organizing committee held a second press conference to introduce the basic situation of the ceremony. The Executive deputy director of the ceremony organizing committee, Municipal CPPCC chairman Wang Zhang, and the Executive deputy director and Secretary of the ceremony, Vice chairman of the Municipal CPPCC Zhang Jianguo attended the conference.
Xu Jialu would be the leader of the worshipers.
       It was reported that Xu Jialu would be the leader of the worshipers, who was the 10th Vice-Chairperson of the National People's Congress (NPC), and the President of the Chinese culture researching Institute. The Secretary of National Taiwan Federation Party Su Hui would be the master of the ceremony. And the Provincial CPPCC chairman Ye Dongsong would deliver a welcome speech as the representative of ceremony organizers.
       In the ceremony field, more than 200 students from Shaolin College of Martial Arts performed the dragon-dance as a symbol of Chinese national totem worship and spirits, and more than 700 students from Zhengzhou City Rail Transit school held different surnames banners, composing the majestic Chinese surname flag array, to highlight the root culture, and to welcome the descendants of the dragon who came back to the hometown to worship ancestors all over the world.
       The process of the worship inherited the nine ceremony regulations, including the flourishing salute, presenting the flower baskets, lighting the incense with clean hands, offering worship and etiquette, reading the sacrifice words, singing carols, music and dancing worship, praying for China, and praying for the harmonious heaven, earth and people.
       The people who presented the baskets of flowers included the state leaders, the main leader of Provincial Party committee and government, and the leaders in charge of the sponsor and organization of the ceremony. The people who lit incense with clean hands included the celebrities from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao and the outstanding Chinese representatives from all over the world. The people who prayed for China included leaders from The Democratic Party Central Committee and the National Federation of industry and Commerce, the outstanding communist party members, moral models, well-known scholars, the Olympic champion and other representatives from all walks of life. In the process of praying for the harmonious heaven, earth and people, Chinese children from the mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, as well as overseas countries on behalf of the future of the Chinese nation held the peace pigeons in their hands to let it fly in symbol of peace in the worship platform. At the same time, all prayer guests would go to the worship platform to seal in the holy 18-meter-long calligraphy scroll with the contents of worshiping passages. In the process of singing carol, the famous singer Zhang Ye and Lv Jihong led the chorus to sing the classic songs for the worship ceremony named Yellow Emperor Carol Song.
        Series of economic and trade activities were brilliant.
        During the ceremony, a series of cultural, economic and trade activities were carefully planned.
        It mainly included the activities as follows: in the 11th Huangdi Culture International Forum, with the theme of "the Belt and Road Initiatives and civilization mutual learning," many cultural celebrities, and professors came to give speeches, including the famous CCTV host Zhang Zequn as the host of the speech, the master tutor from Nanjing Normal University, professor of liberal arts Li Bo, the Executive Director of Media Art and Culture Research Center in China Communication University Yang Chenghu, the Senior researcher from Chongyang Finance Research Institute in Remin University of China Ni Jianzhong. From March 29th to 31st, China (Henan) International Investment and Trade Fair was held in Zhengzhou, with the main content of high-level forums, special referrals, industry connecting, project negotiations, and exhibitions. “The Belt and Road Initiatives” Xingyao Lanting calligraphy exhibition was held on March 28th on the fifth floor of the exhibition hall in the Provincial Federation, and nearly 150 famous calligraphy works were exhibited from about 20 countries. The “the same root-China” micro-film contest collected a total number of 610 works.
In addition, the forum named “The Belt and Road Initiatives and the construction of Zhengzhou as the national center city”, “cross-strait” economic and trade forums and other economic and cultural activities would also be held during the ceremony.
        The impact of the ceremony was more extensive.
        According to reports, the overseas Chinese participating in the ceremony this year were more representative. The ceremony attracted thousands of overseas Chinese and celebrities from more than 40 countries and regions. The United States, Australia, China Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao spontaneously held the activities named “the same time, appearance, theme and the same activity of worshiping the Huang Emperor ". Under the influence of the worship ceremony in the hometown of Huang emperor, Chinese people from San Francisco in the United States, and Sydney in Australia also held the activity of worshiping Huang emperor in the local places on the 19th of this month. The Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco Luo Linquan and other important guests attended the worship ceremony in San Francisco, while the New South Wales State Council, the Chief Secretary of the Government, and the Vice Mayor of the Gulf of Canada attended the Australian worship ceremony. Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology in Australia, and other Australian celebrities sent a congratulatory letter. China Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao would also hold the ceremony to worship the Huang Emperor.
       In addition that the program and design of nine ceremony regulations emphasized more on enhancing the cultural connotation, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the famous historian and archaeologist Liu Qingzhu and other scholars were also invited to attend the ceremony as television live interview guests, to further excavate the cultural connotation of the ancestral ceremony, and expand the influence of the ceremony. Famous cultural scholar, Peking University Cultural Resources Research Center Director, doctoral tutor Professor Zhang Yiwu, would be the guest in the CCTV studio, talking about worshiping ancestral culture in the hometown of the Huang Emperor.
       As in the previous years, almost ten thousand guests were invited to the scene, covering outstanding communist members, national moral models, civilized citizen representatives, May 1st labor medal winners, “double creation” celebrities, workers, farmers and other outstanding representatives and so on. After the ceremony, the scene would continue to be open to the public. At the same time, we encouraged the masses to express their respect and feelings of memory for the ancestors by means of watching live, participating in network interaction, climbing the Juci Mountain and other ways.
      Watching the ceremony and interaction were more convenient.
      How could the masses watch live, and participated in the network interaction of worshiping ancestors? According to reports, China Central Television International Channel (CCTV 4) and Phoenix TV would broadcast live to overseas Chinese people at home through its global channel landing, and Henan TV and Zhengzhou TV would also broadcast live.
At the same time, the following channels would broadcast propaganda film of the ceremony at important time, including the CCTV1 Comprehensive Channel and "News for 30 Minutes" CCTV News Channel on March 29, "Today" "Cross-strait" "China News" and "Travel around China” in CCTV4 Chinese International Channel from March 28 to 29, "human geography" "nature" and "special presentation" in CCTV9 Documentary Channel.
      In accordance with the requirements of the organizing committee, the Organizing Committee Propaganda Department had added the importance to the publicity and reporting of new media this year, especially by means of the new media mobile platform live. They invited more than 60 new media both at home and abroad to report live on the ceremony, including "the King of China Video Livestream” Inke, Pepper Live, Water Droplets Llive, Betta Live, New Bee Screen, and Siopao Live as the main broadcast system, and the client side, Pear Video, and Donggua Video as broadcast platforms.
      In addition, the ceremony news and pictures also promoted cooperation platform through the Xinhua News Agency overseas website, which would be shown in more than 400 websites in the world's 53 major countries in 16 kinds of languages. At the same time, the ceremony Organizing Committee integrated the Chinese Internet “the first brand overseas” APUS for the first time. APUS mobile phone users had been covering 200 countries around the world, serving more than 1 billion mobile phone users. Through this new media platform, they would push the Memorial Ceremony 2017 to Ancestors in Huang Di's Hometown to every APUS mobile phone user, achieving the global news communication. Therefore, the masses could stay at home and watch the live broadcast through the TV, mobile phones, and networks, etc., and they could also communicate and interact by means of leaving the messages.

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