Traveling Salesmen from Poland Visits Zhengzhou Overseas International Travel Agent

The general manager of Zhengzhou overseas international travel agency Wang Xiaodong warmly welcomed the representative of the traveling salesmen from Poland, the general manager of a passenger transport service company Mr. Andrzej Bricq  and his group members in Zhengzhou overseas travel headquarters at 09:00 a.m. on the morning of March 29, 2017.

The general manager Wang Xiaodong warmly welcomed Mr. Andrzej Bricq and his group members, and invited the relevant personnel to participate in the discussion. During the discussion, general manager Wang Xiaodong introduced to all the guests the developing situation of overseas international travel agencies in Zhengzhou in recent years. The general manager Wang Xiaodong said that The Sea Travel Agent is the most innovative tourism institutions in the central plains, which has three branches, including Zhengzhou Overseas International Travel Service Co., Ltd., Henan Sea Travel International Travel Co., Ltd., and Zhengzhou donkey mother Travel Agency Co., Ltd. It has been awarded by the Municipal Tourism Bureau with many honorary titles, including "Famous Trademark in Henan", "the Model of Youth Civilization in Henan", "Tourism Standardization Pilot Unit in Henan Province", "Advanced Foreign-related Unit in Henan", "Outstanding Travel Agency in Henan Province", "Zhengzhou Top 10 Travel Agency", "Advanced Unit of Tourism Information System in Zhengzhou" "Advanced Collective in Tourism System in Zhengzhou", "Advanced Unit of Civilized Tourism in Zhengzhou " and so on. With the purpose of pursuing quality, profession, and personality, the companies’ domestic tourism, inbound tourism, outbound tourism and other business indicators have ranked the forefront in Henan for many years. The company's "Sea Travel" chartered flight has opened many tourist routes, including the Jeju Island, Gangwon-do, Sabah and other travel lines around the world. The slogan “Travel around the World, Choose the Sea Travel” has been accepted by the majority of tourists.

During the discussion, the representatives of traveling salesmen, the general manager Andrzej Bricq introduced the details of his company to Mr. Wang Xiaodong. Mr. Andrzej Bricq said that the Polish passenger transport service company had its own fleet, with the impressive quantity and quality, and it also established Chinese tourist reception department, with excellent condition of serving Chinese tourists. They hoped to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two sides. The two sides held a meeting discussing on the issue of visitor resource exchange between Henan and Eastern Europe, and launched a deeper level of communication and cooperation during the meeting. General Manager Wang Xiaodong said, in current situation, the two sides should further enhance the understanding and sincere cooperation between each other. While maintaining stability, they fully mobilize and use the resources of both sides, make concerted efforts to seek development. Mr. Andrzej Bricq said that with the same developing pace, mutual trust, mutual support, and frequent high-level visits, they would cooperate under the establishment of friendship. And they will work together closely, exchange resources and develop together in the near future.

The two sides had a pleasant conversation and had a discussion on the current market situation and the status of the tourism industry. They finally scheduled a small target in cooperation, that is, the exchange program of the 1,000 tourists in 2017.

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