Part of Zhengzhou City Library will open tomorrow! Please make an appointment in advance

In storms, we stayed, and we will meet again when flowers bloom. According to Zhengzhou City Library, some areas of the library will re-open on March 24. Readers shall make an appointment in advance to enter the library.

The opening hours will be 9:00-12:00 (no entry after 11:30) and 14:00-17:00 (no entry after 16:30). The library will be closed all day on Mondays. The Newspapers and Periodicals Reading Area and Book Lending Area are about to open, mainly for lending and returning. Long stays are not recommended. The number of readers will be limited to 800-1,000 per day.

All readers shall make an appointment online through the "Zhengzhou City Library" WeChat official account. With the QR code provided, readers shall arrive at the library within the appointed period and get their temperature and health code checked to enter the library. The QR code shall be used by one person for once within the appointed period. It shall not be used repeatedly.

Next, according to the progress in epidemic prevention and control and the actual situation of opening, service rules will be timely adjusted and released on the official website and WeChat official account of Zhengzhou City Library. While services at the library will be gradually restored, digital resources will continue to be available on the official website and WeChat official account of Zhengzhou City Library. In addition, if books borrowed by readers (including Alipay Zhima Credit E-card of Zhengzhou City Library) are expired, there is no need to return them for the time being. Late returns will not cause additional charges and will not affect personal credit. Please feel free to read them. The library staff would like to remind all readers that the epidemic is not over yet. Please protect yourselves when going out.

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