Come and Visit! A Charge-Free Trip Suitable for Parent-Child Travel and Student Group Tour to Enjoy Culture and Fun

New tourism destinations in Henan open.

Parent-Child Travel, Student Group Tour, Patriotic Education Base


Unanimous praise is won from any visitor who has been here!

You can not only enjoy the fun, advanced technology and culture,

but also have access to many priceless historical treasures!

Oracle bones, pig dragon,

the jade Cong of Longshan Culture, the blue and white porcelain of the Yuan Dynasty,

the tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty, bronze tripod, jun kiln

and many other treasures even rare in museums

will be displayed here!

The Exhibition of Folk Treasures in the Yellow River Basin

co-hosted by Henan TV and the Yellow River Museum

is in progress in the Yellow River Museum!

The exhibition is open to the audience free of charge

and will continue until October 31, 2020.


During the National Day holiday,

the director of the Gate of Henan TV program

serves as a special guide

to explain the story behind each collection in detail for visitors to the exhibition.

Yellow River Museum

Under the guidance of the Publicity Department of CPC Henan Provincial Committee and Henan Radio and Television Bureau, Henan TV, through four months of careful preparation, ceremoniously launched the special activity Exhibition of Treasures from Nine Provinces along the Yellow River in September 2020, relying on the brand TV program Gate of Henan.

To better display the history and culture along the Yellow River off the program and enable more people to have close contact with treasures and appreciate the charm of folk treasures, Henan TV specially organized a month-long Exhibition of Folk Treasures in the Yellow River Basin in conjunction with the Yellow River Museum.

Through elaborate selection, a total of 30 folk treasures were shortlisted, many of which were displayed for the first time. At the exhibition, modern high-tech means are combined with sound, light and electricity, with video click technology and graphic images integrated, to make the exhibits more vivid and three-dimensional, showing the ancient history of the Yellow River to the greatest extent and telling its eternal customs.

In this golden October,

come with your family

to visit the Exhibition of Folk Treasures in the Yellow River Basin

in the Yellow River Museum!

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