Hi, Come and Ride Horse on Wanbang Qianhe Farm

“Do you want to ride a horse?”

The problem may like a breeze, making you comfortable. If there is no time for you to think twice, then the answer must be “Of course!” But how far is the distance and how could you ride in a city with reinforced concrete buildings and interweaving road networks, where even human beings may feel crowded in daily life?  

So, why not come to the horse ranch of Wanbang Qianhe Farm, where you can have intimate contact with horses.

Part of China’s history is shining on horsebacks, since it is the honor for our ancestors to live a military life with spears and armored horses.   

Today, horse riding has come to be a sport full of challenges and elegance.

All men may dream to be a hero, and travel around the world with a sword and a horse despite rain and storm; while all women may want to be a princess, whose Mr. Right may come with a handsome horse. People often say that good dreams would never last long, so why not come and ride horse in Wanbang Qianhe Farm in Zhengzhou City. Just let’s travel together, do what we want here, ride horse surging forward and enjoy the flourish of the world. 

The horse ranch of Wanbang Qianhe Farm enjoys a big scale, covering a total area of 200 mu, so riding horse here may not just be wandering.

The place is full of righteous ardor, speed, passion, pureness and elegance, where you may feel the harmony among people, horses and nature and build up a good relationship with horses.

We now have 12 horses.

Mongolian Horses have small and short bodies with ordinary appearances, with the strong wildness unreduced even on Mongolian steppe with howling wind and snow. They have big heads, small necks, strong bodies, wide chests, long mane, thick skin and hair, and can run against heavy snowfall in Siberia and break the wolf’s head through strong hoofs. The obedient Mongolian Horses are brave and hard to be frightened.

Northeast Dobbin is a combined breed which can be draught or ridden. They have straight heads, middle-long oblique necks, obvious withers, strong cold-resistant ability, firm hoofs and mild temper. They are a good choice for most women and children to observe and take photos. 

Half-Bred Horse is a kind of artificial breeding through Ferghana Horse, so that it would have the caliber of speed, tolerance and figure. It is appropriate for riders seeking “the Fast and the Furious”.

Debao Horse is also called Small Horse or Short Horse. With strong body and mild temper, they are cute, loyal and dependable, attracting women and young people by its lovely appearance.

“Starting from tomorrow, to be a happy person; feed a hose, split logs, travel the world” It is the romance I have dreamt for. Just ride a horse, hold the rein, and surge forward, thus leaving behind all the tiredness. Come to Wanbang Qianhe Horse Ranch and ride horse in the sunshine. It must be a great fun.

Riding Tips:

If you haven’t ridden horse before, then you must pay attention to the right sitting posture. Your forefeet should slightly step on the stirrups, the heels pressed a bit, the thighs should lean against tightly with the horseback, and the calves stay in natural curve and adhere to its belly. The posture of the upper body is the key, so you need to throw out the chest, receive the abdomen, roll the shoulders back and look at the front horizontally. You must follow the specific operation to guarantee the safety of your own and others. 

Wanbang Qianhe Farm is one of the original-ecology pilot parks in Hunan, combining organic fruits and vegetables planting, picking and processing, sightseeing, outdoor exercises, horse riding and entertainment. After horse riding, we could enjoy the farm dishes made by seasonal vegetables. It is not only an ecological farm, but a place boasting special culture, delicious food and enjoyment.

On the farm, you can ride horse on green fields, go fish on the river side, pick up organic vegetables and fruits and enjoy the idyllic landscape of the early autumn.

September brings autumn rains and cool weather, and it is a great time for you to enjoy on Wanbang Qianhe Farm.

Address: 1,000 meters east of Diao Line and north of Fulizhuang Community, Diaojia Village, Zhongmou County.

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Consultation: 177 2978 5916 or 135 9840 3618

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