From Now on, the Three Intercity Railways Connecting Zhengzhou, Kaifeng and Jiaozuo Will Start Public Transportation Operation, Making Intercity Travel More Convenient!

Starting today, under the management of Zhengzhou Bureau Group Company of China Railway, the intercity railways of Zheng-Kai (Zhengzhou East to Song Cheng Road), Zheng-Ji (Zhengzhou East to Xinzheng Airport) and Zheng-Jiao (Jiaozuo to Nanyang Village) have started the high-density "public transportation" operation mode, and passengers can use the "Railway E-Card" to take railways by scanning code through special passages.

Frequent Railway to Make Passengers Leave At Will

This time, Zheng-Jiao, Zheng-Kai and Zheng-Ji intercity railways are operated by public transportation, featured by short train interval and high operation frequency.

There are 27.5 pairs of intercity trains of transit type running from Zhengzhou East to Song Cheng Road every day, with an average frequency of 30 minutes/shift and a minimum interval of 21 minutes;

There are 26 pairs of intercity trains of transit type from Jiaozuo to Nanyangzhai, with an average frequency of 30 minutes/shift and a minimum interval of 16 minutes;

There are 41 pairs of intercity trains of transit type running from Zhengzhou East to Xinzheng Airport every day, with an average frequency of 22 minutes/shift and a minimum interval of 8 minutes,

so that passengers do not need to spend long time waiting for the train.

Entrance through Fast Channel, Exclusive Area to Take a Ride

In order to meet the needs of intercity passengers entering and leaving the station quickly, Zhengzhou East Railway Station has set up a fast entrance channel for intercity trains of transit type that can be reversed to the upper platform at the exit on the first floor; A special passage for intercity passengers is set at the entrance of the station, so that intercity passengers and high-speed rail passengers can enter the station separately. At the same time, Platforms 18 and 19 of Zhengzhou East Railway Station, Platform 8 of Jiaozuo Station, Platform 2 of Nanyangzhai Station and Platform 1 and 3 of Xinzheng Airport Station are designated as special waiting platforms for intercity trains. It can greatly save the time for intercity passengers to enter and leave the station.

All-in-one Function of "Purchase, Verification and Check", and Entry and Exit through E-Card

Efforts have been made to optimize the ticket purchase mode for intercity trains. On the basis of retaining the existing electronic ticket purchase and swiping ID card to enter and exit the station, the three links of ticket purchase, real name verification and inbound ticket check have been combined together for intercity trains by scanning code through 12306 mobile APP to enter the station. Passengers only need to register and verify the code scanning service of "Railway E-Card" in 12306 mobile APP, and scan the QR code to enter the station.

Travel Waiting and Riding Can be Completed All on the APP, Regardless of the Number of Trains

Taking the intercity railway of transit type, passengers with electronic tickets can take any train during the operation time of the day, and are not limited by the train number on the ticket;

By using the railway "E-Card", passengers are able to enter the station by scanning the QR code once, and they can take any train regardless of the number of trains;

The fare is the same for taking trains in the same section, regardless of time, train number, vehicle type, seat and grade. After arriving at the station, passengers can scan the code to deduct money so as to leave the station, which can greatly enhance passengers' riding experience.

Non-stop Arrival with Fast Transfer

Currently, intercity railway trains adopt non-stop operation between Zhengzhou East to Xinzheng Airport and Jiaozuo to Nanyangzhai, while stopping at Green Expo Station once between Zhengzhou East and Song Cheng Road.

The public transportation of the three intercity railways among Zhengzhou, Kaifeng and Jiaozuo will inject new vitality into the transportation development of Henan, build a "half-hour" traffic circle in the central urban agglomeration, and consolidate the status of Zhengzhou as a modern comprehensive transportation hub. It is of great significance to promote the economic and social development of Zhengzhou, Kaifeng and Jiaozuo and enhance the urban pattern.

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