Amusement Guide to Suburbs Trip at Weekend

Are you one of those who live in the modern city crowding with high-rises, with the soul traveling to the paradise? Seizing the precious opportunity for having a long holiday, you are longing to start the short tour for staying away from the noise. The whole family has a chance to gather at the table to enjoy the gorgeous scenery and delicious food, experiencing the joy, leisure and coziness for “returning to the nature”.

Behind the bamboo curtain to enter into a secluded quadrangle courtyard, the flag suspended under the eave is swaying with a bit of sense of liquor store, the specialty of Shunde, Guangdong, Drunken Goose is already on the table, and yellow rice wine shall be sprinkled by the pot to increase its smell before eating.

The goose stewed from morning to noon has been fully cooked, with a strong flavor of sauce, as well as the faint winey and sweet taste of red yeast rice wine. The chewy goose makes it easy to taste the original flavor of goose meat. If dipping in the rich soup, the feeling is so satisfying.

The local yellow river carp is cooked in the Chaoshan way. Pour the streaky pork pieces stir-fried and fish already fried into the pot, adding a few sweet and sour green plums while stewing so that the carp with rich sauce and aroma has turned its flavor into sweet and refreshing. Meanwhile, the sour from green plums increases the appetite.

For those who are addicted to spicy barbecue, the roasted whole lamb is an advisable option. With the strong aroma of chopped green onion mixed with cumin powder, the lamb roasted with golden and crispy shin is easy to tear from its bones. The roasted lamb without smell of mutton is not oleaginous to exactly cater to your taste.

After the meal, you can wander in the park to appreciate the charming scenery. Arch bridge and weeping willow embody the beauty of the south of Yangtze River. Embarking on the boat to quietly taste tea in the middle of lake, you will be rewarded the ineffable comfort brought by the mild lake breeze. Professional sports ground and swimming pool are also equipped, so as to suit for the amusement and beguilement of whole family.

Name of the Agritainment: Kunlun Yaju Resort Hotel

Address: Jingpo Hotel, Yanminghu Lake Scenic Area, Zhongmou County, Zhengzhou City

Route: Drive on the Lianhuo Expressway to veer off from Zhongmou Station, and drive along Yanming Avenue northward to the statue located on Golf Road, and then turn left following the direction of indicator, finally, the destination can be found. You can also use GPS to direct the route by inputting “Jingpo Hotel”.

Tel: 0371-62328666

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