The Asia-Pacific Conference on Conservation of Capital Site & Historical City Ended Yesterday

How can the preservation of old districts be conducted alongside urban development? Does current urban development cater to or guide the public? For ancient cities, which method is taken? Conservation and utilization? Or reconstruction based on ancient style? The two-day Asia-Pacific Conference on Conservation of Capital Site & Historical City came to a successful end yesterday afternoon in our city. Over the past two days, more than 100 experts and scholars from Henan and other provinces gathered together to share research fruits and new archaeological findings and make discussions on conservation of capital sites and historical cities.

According to Sun Hua, a professor of the School of Archeology and Museology, Peking University and Director of Cultural Heritage Center, Peking University, the Asia-Pacific region has a unique course of history and cultural tradition. Abundant historical and cultural heritage resources have attracted attention from the public. Yet we are faced with a number of theoretical and practical problems to be discussed, such as conservation of diversified cultural heritages and historical cities. In order to explore major academic hot topics regarding conservation of capital site & historical city in the Asia-Pacific region, the School of Archeology and Museology, Peking University, World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for the Asia and Pacific Region under the auspices of UNESCO and Origin of Chinese Civilisation and Mount Songshan Civilisation Zhengzhou Research Association (OCCMSCZRA) jointly held the two-day special conference in Zhengzhou, providing a dialogue platform for experts engaged in cultural heritage conservation.

With a long history, Henan is rich in historical and cultural heritages. Zhengzhou, capital of Henan, is a domestically-renown historical and cultural city. Besides, it is one of the eight historical capitals of China, a member of League of Historical Cities and a national central city as well as the Core Area for Chinese History and Civilization Inheritance and Innovation. Zhengzhou boasts 2 world cultural heritages, 74 key cultural relics sites under the state protection in 80 categories and nearly ten thousand immovable cultural relics. Four items have been listed in the “top 100 archaeological discoveries of China in 20th century” and 13 items have been on the list of “National Top 10 New Archaeological Discoveries”. A long history has endowed Zhengzhou with profound cultural deposits and left brilliant cultural heritages for Zhengzhou.

In recent years, Zhengzhou has adhered to the idea of “conservation first” and made significant achievements in protecting and inheriting historical and cultural heritages, recovering cultural influence, serving people’s livelihood, etc. The conference held in Zhengzhou has indicated that the historical roles of Henan and Zhengzhou have been highly recognized. In addition, it has played a more significant role in boosting Zhengzhou and Henan to protect and inherit historical & cultural heritages and historical cities, dig out and carry forward the profound historical and cultural deposits and build the Area for Chinese History and Civilization Inheritance and Innovation.

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