Internet-famous Attraction|Fantastic! Welcome to the Cherry Valley, a Real Fairyland......

The Cherry Valley scenic area of Zhengzhou is an internet-famous tourist attraction.

You don't have to wait in line to get in, and you can easily get the same experience with occasional visits by internet celebrities every night.

Colorful lighting effects and interesting interactive experience make you feel like you are in a magical world.  When you pass through the gate of the Cherry Valley, the perennial canes intertwined with the secret magic gate, constantly changing psychedelic light and shadow flowing in the night simply feel like falling into a dream. This place is a perfect blend of light and shadow, movement and stillness.

When you walk into a sea of flowers, it seems these spirited cherry blossoms are in full bloom in your every step. If you move around quickly, the flowers will wither and die as quickly as they do. All these cycles are created by your interaction with light and shadow, moving around in this borderless space.

Do you think the only "immersive" effects here are the flowers flowing with light and shadow? That's a big mistake! Every shimmering floor tile here will surprise you in unexpected ways. With a gentle tread, it changes into various glows and the music flows out.  These round floor tiles are like a stage that holds your dreams and lets you shout and sing loudly, and light up the highlight moments that belong to you! That's why they have a very catchy name: "81 Steps to Realizing Your Dreams".

You can get a full Mori girl style shot here. There are deer, cranes, and tigers scattered throughout the Cherry Valley. You can pose for a shot of a runaway Mori-style princess! If you're a fan of cosplay, you've come to the right place!

Here, voice-activated passwords can be found everywhere. You just need to find and shout the password to the device gently, with the rise and fall of your sound waves, boldly express your love. You can warmly embrace your lover, witness the bloom and wilt of flowers, observe the starry sky, and wander in the woods full of fireflies. You'll always find romance and surprise here......

Promise me! Come here to be a trendsetter on the social networking trend! To be an internet celebrity, all you need is coming to the Cherry Valley!


Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration