Longyan Invites Zhengzhou Citizens to Feel the “Red Gutian, Ecological Longyan” During the National Day

Where to spend the National Day holiday? Yesterday afternoon, the Longyan Cultural Tourism & Investment Projects Promotional Conference was held in Zhengzhou. It was under the guidance of the Longyan Municipal People’s Government, and hosted by the Longyan Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Longyan Bureau of Commerce, themed on “Red Gutian, Ecological Longyan”. Zhengzhou citizens are warmly invited to visit Gutian, the Red Revolutionary Base. Wang Jiansheng, Deputy Mayor of Longyan Municipal People’s Government; Li Mingwei, Party Group Member and Deputy Director of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism; Xiu Hong, Director of Longyan Bureau of Culture and Tourism; and Hu Bin, Director of Longyan Bureau of Commerce, etc. attended the conference.

2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the 90th anniversary of the holding of the Gutian Meeting and the 5th anniversary of the Gutian military political work meeting. Longyan is the well-known Red Revolutionary Holy Land, and has been acclaimed as the Classical Site of the Chinese Revolution. Longyan is regarded as the Red Holy Land, Hakkas Homeland, a good site for health cultivation and a paradise of delicacies. At the conference, Lin Xi, ambassador of Longyan tourism led the guests present to appreciate the marvelous landscape of Longyan---you may visit the Gutian Red Culture Tourist Resort, the Buildings of the Revolutionary Activities and “the Little Red Shanghai” at Changting; or explore the Yongding Classic Earth Building, the world cultural heritage; the Peitian Ancient Village; and Hakkas Capital Changting, where you can feel the life essence of the Ancient Castle in the Orient and the Hakkha people, or you can explore the Wizard of Oz on the Plum Hill, Guanzhi Mountain and Liangye Mountain; or taste such famous hakkas dishes as the Frog of the Changting River and the Pork of Shanghanghuai. The guests could also visit Yongding Classical Earth Building and the site of Gutian Meeting for taking some photos; or you could appreciate the beautiful scenes at the Resources Demonstration Area; experience the Expanding Blessings of Longyan at the intangible heritage interaction area; taste such Longyan food at the Hakkas Food Area as the Eight Major Snacks of the West Fujian, the Liancheng Dried Sweet Potato Chips, the Shanghang Dark Plums, the Yongding Sliced Dried Beef, the Changting Dried Bean Curd Chips, as well as the Zhangping Narcissus Tea.

The hakkas dancing of Entertaining Guests with Joys, the Drunkened Concubine, a Hanchu opera as the intangible heritage featuring block carving and the musical piece of the Winds Blowing Bamboo Leaves performed with a piece tree leave, all demonstrated the life and tradition of Hakkas communities and the style of the world intangible heritage at Longyan. Moreover, the dancing and singing show of Setting out Again from Gutian and the quick flashing program of My Motherland and Me pushed the atmosphere to climaxes. The guests at the site waved national flags, thus further creating an exciting atmosphere featuring the red revolutionary culture and tradition. Two local cultural and tourism authorities jointly unveiled the promotional season of “Red Gutian, Ecological Longyan” and Zhengzhou citizens consulted with or experienced the tourist facilities and contents at ten travel agencies outlets and ten star-level hotels; also the Longyan side announced six selected routes and preferential policies dedicated to Zhengzhou citizens, which cover such contents as a tour of seven scenic areas at Longyan; a tour of the 100-li red revolutionary base; a tour of the Hakkas culture and tradition; a tour of ecology, leisure and health maintenance; a tour of the seven scenic areas featuring research, study and training; and a tour of famous people and culture at Longyan. The preferential policy that no admission tickets will be required or only half of the admission tickets will be charged at 29 scenic spots at Longyan will continue to be in force by the end of 2019.

The representatives of tourism operators from both Longyan and Zhengzhou signed the strategic partnership with a view to attracting tourists to Longyan. In the future, they will join hands to strengthen the cooperation in the designing of featured cultural and tourism routes, introduction of potential tourists, and marketing, thus to tap the cultural tourism market of both sides backed by the supports of excellent transportation facilities.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration