A Preview of Highlights of the 4th Chinese Yu Opera Festival

A Preview of Highlights of the 4th Chinese Yu Opera Festival

Tonight, the 4th Chinese Yu Opera Festival will be opened in Henan Art Center. This festival is organized by the Department of Art of the Ministry of Culture of the PRC, the Publicity Department of CPC Henan Province Committee, the Culture Department of Henan Province, and Henan Chinese Cultural Promotion Association of Yu Opera. It is presented by Henan Yu Opera Theater, and all relevant Yu Opera theaters will participate in this festival. What are the highlights of the Festival? What are the characteristics of The Story of Pipa, the only play presented by players from Zhengzhou Yu Opera Theater?
The Yu Opera Festival is said to be held from August 4 to September 11. Taking the theme of “Welcome the 19th National Congress of the CPC - a Festival of Yu Opera and the People”, this festival aims to show the outstanding achievements of the inheritance and innovation made for Yu Opera in recent years, as well as to promote the development and prosperity of Yu Opera. This festival contributes to create a positive atmosphere and seeks to present a sincere gift by the Yu Opera circle and celebrated players to the 19th National Congress of the CPC. Besides the 5 plays performed in Zhengzhou, including the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony of the festival, another 25 excellent plays have been selected by organizers to be performed in the “Beijing Performance Month of Excellent Chinese Yu Operas” held by Beijing Chang’an Grand Theater and National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts.
When arranging activities of the festival, organizers try to combine plays of Henan Province with those of other provinces, as well as performances with seminars. In this festival, artists and art critics with notable contributions and attainments in opera art in China, as well as heads of relevant theaters and opera amateurs will be invited. After each performance, a “one discussion for one play” appraisal meeting will be held to analyze and evaluate the artistic value of each play. Experts will put forward suggestions for the development and prosperity of Chinese Yu Opera and seek a healthy road for the common development of contemporary operas in China.
A Wonderful Feast Given by Celebrated Yu Opera Players
A diversified and splendid group of plays will be presented in this festival, including plays for realistic themes like Jiao Yulu, Our Company, Chang Xiangyu, The Story of Henan People in Shanxi , A Song of the Traveling Son , War of Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law , and All in the Family , as well as plays for historical themes like Chengying Rescues the Orphan , Xuan Zang, Baling Bridge , Fearless Official Dou Guangnai , and Stories on the Grand Canal . Classical plays like Chao Yang Gou , Hongmei under the Guillotine , The Tragic Love Story , Magistrate Kills the Herald  and new plays performed in the Chinese Opera Festival in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region like The Happy Family  will also be performed. This festival could be said as a grand ceremony of Yu Operas.
All the players in this festival enjoy great reputation in Chinese opera circle, including winners of national awards of Wenhua Performance Award , Plum Performance Award and the Magnolia Award, like Li Shujian, Wang Quanzhen, Wang Hui, Jia Wenlong, Li Jinzhi, Wang Hongli, Yang Hongxia, Jin Buhuan, Xu Junxia and Zhang Yanping. Other well-known players like Wang Hailing, Meng Xiangli, Xu Aihua, Bai Qing, Sheng Honglin, Wei Junying, Chen Dahua, Geng Haitang, Ren Sanyin, Li Yuguang, Yang Wenli, Zhang Di, Huang Liyang, Yin Xiaohau and Sun Qianqian will also try all their efforts to provide a wonderful feast for the audience.
It is reported that the ticket price of this festival will be fairly low so as to benefit the audience and allow more people to enjoy the artistic charm of Yu Opera. The price of tickets in provincial-level opera theaters is as low as RMB 30 and that in city-level opera theaters is RMB 20. The organizing committee will also give out 50 tickets to cleaners for free to invite them to experience the charm of Yu Opera.


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