Henan's Cultural Tourism Market Recovers During the Spring Festival Holiday, Henan Received a Total of 33.7528 Million Tourists

Statistics on January 27 from the Culture and Tourism Department of Henan Province show that with the optimization and adjustment of COVID-19 prevention and control policies, the province's cultural tourism market fully recovered during the Spring Festival holiday in 2023, receiving a total of 33.7528 million tourists and creating a total tourist income of RMB 17.521 billion, a year-on-year increase of 21.9% and 34% respectively. More excitingly, Henan saw an increase of 5.08% in the number of tourists during this year's Spring Festival holiday year-on-year, and the total tourist income returned to 97.18% of 2019, a rebound to the pre-pandemic level roughly.

To boost the vitality of consumption and accelerate the recovery of the cultural tourism market, the cultural tourism departments at all levels in the province have made early arrangements and plans to design new routes, launch new products and develop new business forms from both the supply and demand sides, attracting tourists from all over the world to visit Henan.

The cultural tourism market fully recovers

Data show that the tourist income brought by 4A and above level scenic spots in the province reached RMB 573.9906 million, with a year-on-year increase of 141.70%. Among them, the tourist income of the Millennium City Park in Kaifeng City was RMB 41.9505 million, a year-on-year increase of 474.04%; the tourist income from Yuntai Mountain was RMB 27.8582 million, a record high. Scenic spots such as Zhengzhou Enjoy Land International Tourism Resort and Fantawild Adventure have become the first choice for people to travel, all achieving a good start in tourist income.

During the Spring Festival, Henan's cultural tourism authorities launched the "Hometown Tour in Henan" cultural tourism incentive program to encourage Henan people to travel locally. 315 scenic areas province-wide provided reduced or waived entrance fees; provincially administered cities such as Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, and Luoyang issued cultural tourism consumption vouchers; Millennium City Park in Kaifeng City and Yuntai Mountain in Jiaozuo City launched annual entrance cards with unlimited access at a low price; Jiaozuo City carried out "Ten One-Hundred" cultural tourism promotion activities. All these efforts have strongly driven the tourist flow in almost all scenic areas and effectively stimulated the cultural tourism consumption in Henan Province.

Cultural tourism forms are in full blossom

During the Spring Festival, new business forms and scenes were introduced to reproduce the traditional atmosphere of the festival for people to enjoy, featuring cultural tourism, winter tourism, intangible cultural heritage folk performances, and rural homestay. Gaining popularity increasingly, rural homestay has become a hot destination for people to celebrate the Spring Festival, which is a new trend for cultural tourism consumption.

Cultural tourism events create a festive Spring Festival

During the Spring Festival, Henan Province held thousands of cultural tourism events in hundreds of cities, including "Henan, Where China Began" and "A Spring Festival Tour of Ancient Temple Fairs, Central Plains Folk Customs, and Your Hometown", offering an authentical Spring Festival with Henan flavor for the masses.

Tourists experience an authentical Spring Festival at traditional temple fairs The ancient temple fair on the first lunar month in Xunxian County, with a long history of more than 1,600 years, attracted nearly 100,000 tourists from inside and outside the province every day during the Spring Festival, known as "The First Ancient Temple Fair in North China". The Taihao Mausoleum in Huaiyang District, Zhoukou City was also flooded with tourists during the festival, setting a record in visitor numbers in recent years. At the Spring Festival temple fair held on the Wansui Mountain of Kaifeng City, more than 300 performances were staged each day for visitors to relish. Besides, there were events such as "Seeking the Origin of the Spring Festival, Celebrating the Chinese New Year in Luoyang" of Luoyang City, the Spring Festival temple fair in Jidu Temple of Jiyuan City, "Experiencing Intangible Cultural Heritages on the Banks of the Yellow River, Celebrating the Chinese New Year in Shanzhou Silo-Cave" of the Sanmenxia City, and the 2023 Huoshentai Spring Festival Temple Fair, a listed intangible cultural heritage, creating a lively and festive atmosphere for the Spring Festival.

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