Privileges for Ladies from the Scenic Spots of Zhengzhou in March

International Women’s Day is celebrated in the peach blossom-filled March!

Pamper the girl in your inner heart, while behave like a queen.

Just facing the chaotic and complicated world

with an elegant and tranquil heart.

Find your peace in nature,

in the hustle and bustle.

We hope that you can go everywhere you want to visit

International Women’s Day is around the corner

The major scenic spots of Zhengzhou offer privileges to the ladies

Please take a look,

and decide where to go.


Kangbaiwan Manor


Ladies may enjoy a 50% discount on tickets from March 8 to 10.

As spring begins, grass is breaking through the soil and plants putting forth their blossoms.

Delicate flowers are seen in the warm yet sometimes cold weather.

Visitors will indulge in the thousands of flowers in Kangbaiwan Manor.

The beautiful landscape is worth a romantic trip.

Changshou Mountain


Ladies will get free admission and gentlemen charged at half-price from March 7 to 9. Each lady and gentleman who buys a ticket will receive a gift during this period!

It has not finished! Keep reading!

Free admission to the bridge that is popular online!

Any lady who buys the ticket to the 7D glass bridge at full price of RMB 50 may bring a second person along free of charge!

All ladies can enjoy a 50% discount to the seven-color grass ski resort (the full price is RMB 30)!

All ladies will get free admission to Xinxin Parent-Child Amusement Park, and ladies with a student ID or a teacher’s license will enjoy the Jungle Adventure for free!

The original price of the high-altitude glass water ski is RMB 80, while ladies can only pay RMB 50 for it.

The original price of the hot spring is RMB 89, and ladies can enjoy it by paying RMB 59 with the husband.

Amazed by these privileges already? Hurry up and come!


Du Fu’s Hometown


Ladies will get free admission from March 1 to 20, and each gentleman accompanying enjoys a 50% discount.

The spring water is flowing,

and the spring flowers are in full bloom,

all indicating the spring is coming.

What are you waiting for?


why not go on a romantic date here in Du Fu’s Hometown?

Xuehua Cave in Fuxi Mountain

Ladies will get free admission from March 8 to 10, and gentlemen will get a 50% discount.

(Tour guide fees excluded)

In the vernal Fuxi Mountain

Peach blossoms emanate the romantic air

and Forsythia suspense are also delicate and attractive.

You are only one “flower” away

from the warmth of this season.

Ciyun Temple in Qinglong Mountain

Ladies will get free admission on March 8


is filled with infinite gentleness and fragrance

like your smile

The trees laden with flowers

are awaiting you

Travel through the mountain

and make a sincere wish

so not to disappoint the beautiful spring


Zhongyuan Tower Special Event on International Women’s Day


Romantic gifts for ladies visiting the tower

Time: March 2-March 8

Detailed Information

Each lady taller than 1.2 m

will get a romantic gift for visiting the tower


Fuxi Mountain Valley


Free admission for ladies on March 8-10

Address: Within Jianshan Scenic Area in Xinmi City


Sanquan Lake


Free admission for ladies on March 8-10


Red Stone Forest


Free admission for ladies on March 8-10


Fairy Cave


Free admission for ladies on March 8


Hao Xiang Ni Heron and Ostrich Park


All female tourists may enjoy a 50% discount of the ticket on March 8-10.

Women love flowers. The weather gets warm, the maple tree sprouts, and flowers bloom with a riot of color in March in the Park. Everything comes back to life, birds start to sing, and people get intoxicated, which make a lively scene.


Immortal Valley in Daxiong Mountain


Free admission for ladies on March 8-10, 2019 (RMB 2 for insurance is required)

Come and spend the most leisurely and relaxing festival in Immortal Valley of Daxiong Mountain

It will be a great gift for yourself

The vernal fragrance is everywhere

in March

The valley, remaining silence through the whole winter,

is now surrounded by rape flowers

You will be greeted by the aromatic mist from the grass and the fresh soil

It is the smell of the spring


Spring is evident everywhere in March.

Let’s take a good trip!

Both the landscape and you deserve it.

Take in the fresh air and enjoy the happy time of freedom!

On the International Women’s Day

Just stay away from the hustle and bustle of the urban regions

and take a good glance at the mountain

Let's go!

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration