Attention! Over 50 Scenic Spots in Henan Temporarily Closed

After many days of continuous rainfall

Although the temperature has dropped in Henan province


The heavy precipitation is expected to last for some time

With a large volume, heavy rain and wide range

To ensure the safety of tourists' life and property,

By far

More than 50 scenic spots in Henan province have issued emergency closure announcements

Scenic spots that have released closing notices are as follows

Zhengzhou City: Sanhuang Village Scenic Resort, Taishi Mountain, Luya Waterfall Scenic Area, Daxiongshan Xianren Valley Scenic Spot, Cherry Valley Scenic Area, Fishing Ditch Scenic Area, Kang Baiwan's Mansion (Gongyi), The Bamboo Forest Longevity Mountain, etc.

Luoyang City: All A-level scenic spots and rural tourism spots in Luanchuan County, all A-level scenic spots and A-level rural tourism spots in Song County, all mountain- and water-related scenic spots in Xin'an County, all A-level scenic spots and A-level rural tourism spots in Ruyang County, etc.

Pingdingshan City: all mountain- and water-related scenic spots in Ruzhou City.

Anyang City: The Red Flag Canal Grand Scenic Area, Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area, etc.

Hebi City: Yunmeng Mountain Scenic Area, Guling Mountain Scenic Area, Chaoyang Mountain Scenic Area, Zhaoxingtai Scenic Area, Zhouwangdian Scenic Area, Jing Ke Tomb Scenic Area, etc.

Xinxiang City: Bailigou Scenic Area, Wanxian Mountain Scenic Area, BaoQuan Tourist Resort, Wulong Mountain Xiangshuihe Water Park, Baiquan Scenic Area.

Jiaozuo City: Mountain- and water-related scenic resorts such as Yuntai Mountain, Qinglong Gorge, Fenglin Gorge, Qingtian River, Shennong Mountain, Film and Television City, Hometown Mogou, Yuangou Village, Xiaodi Love Park, etc.

Zhumadian City: Chaya Mountain Scenic Resort, Laole Mountain Scenic Spot and Jinding Mountain, etc.

Xuchang City: Dahong Village Scenic Resort, etc.

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