Debut! Another Place for Children in Zhengzhou!

From Zhengzhou Youth Park Construction Project Department, we learned that the northern part of the park has been opened to the public during the National Day with many elements for youth, showing a distinctive and unique style.

Zhengzhou Youth Park is located south of Nongye Road, north of Fengcang Road, west of East Third Street, and east of Tianming Road, covering an area of 177,233 square meters (the North Zone, which has been opened, covers an area of about 90,418 square meters). The theme of the park is "Youth, Future, City, Creativity, Technology, and Ecology", and it aims to create a new type of comprehensive urban park with special features so as to show the vitality of urban youth and meet the needs of the public for leisure, fitness, and enjoyment.

Since the opening of the park, nearly 10,000 people visited the park every day. The project department also arranges security and cleaning staff in time. As the North Zone is still under maintenance and the South Zone's underground parking lot is still under construction, the staff called on the public to visit the park in a civilized manner, stay away from the construction area, take care of the facilities and maintain the hard-won green environment in the park.

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