Listen to the Story about Yellow Emperor ① | Unity of Tribes in the Yellow River Basin

Worship the Yellow Emperor on the third day of the third month on the Chinese lunar calendar!

A grand ceremony to worship the Yellow Emperor (or Huangdi) will be held at Xuanyuan Square in Xinzheng, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, Huangdi's birthplace, as scheduled on March 26, 2020. Under the special circumstances of a spreading epidemic, this year's ceremony will be held in a simple and solemn manner based on the basic principles of "no guests, audience, or performing actors on the scene" and "no lowering the scale and influence of the ceremony".

To help more people know about the "pioneering history" of the Youxiong tribe led by the Yellow Emperor, one of our human ancestors, the Zheng Xiaobu team will launch an audio story series about the Yellow Emperor today.

The extraordinary achievements of the Yellow Emperor will be represented with only hundreds of words to fully arouse people's patriotic passion.

The vivid narrative by Da Long, one of the top ten hosts in Zhengzhou People's Radio, will also add color to the story.

Today we will play the first episode of the series. Let's listen to the story about the Yellow Emperor, trying to gain a deep understanding of ancient China.

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It is said that when the Yellow Emperor became the leader of the Youxiong Tribe along the Jishui River in Mount Juci, Xinzheng, his life was not easy. He struggled in such a typical period full of internal and external troubles. On one hand, he had a group of buddies in his tribe who depended on him to feed their families; on the other hand, there were so many external enemies who were threatening them.

The Yellow Emperor looked around and then said to himself, " Oh, my God! I am totally besieged by tens of thousands of tribes. My tribe is right in the middle area. Is that good to be in the middle (This word sounds like "Zhong" in Chinese) or not?" After he murmured this word for a long time, people in this area also liked to repeat saying the word "Zhong".

Luckily, the Emperor Yellow's tribe, Youxiong, happened to be one of the three large tribes. The other two were the Shennong Tribe led by Emperor Yan and the Jiuli Tribe led by Chi You. They formed the earliest structure of the Three Kingdoms in Chinese history.

The Yellow Emperor contemplated that to be rich, he should beat the large tribes down.

Determined to draw first blood, he followed the strategy of blitz and succeeded in defeating the Shennong Tribe.

There was no doubt that I was the best strategist in the world, the Emperor Yellow thought to himself. In such high spirits, he climbed high and shouted: Chi You, I'm coming".

At that time, the winner of this war would be the real ruler of the Central Plains, with his fame spreading the whole world.

Therefore, Chi You responded: "Hey, come on! We have also waited for you for a long time."

Looking above life and death, both the two sides were ready to fight, and they chose Zhuolu as the battlefield.

Since inception, it took more than ten years for them to finally end this war.

The two sides not only showed their magical tricks but also looked everywhere for men of talents to join the war.

Chi You said: "See this one, One-hundred-mile Fog! Ha-ha, can you still find your direction?"

Yellow Emperor rebutted: "I have a mask! Sorry, I mean I have a south-pointing chariot. I won't get lost."

Chi You then sent the Rain God (Xiao Jingteng, a popular singer known as the "Rain God", questioned: "Me?") to the battlefield, where heavy rain and flood hit the other troop.

To defend this attack, the Yellow Emperor dispatched Han Ba, a bald Goddess. After she used her power, a thousand miles of land became barren while smoke spread all over this area. How terrible!

There is a brain teaser here. Q: Why Han Ba is called the bald Goddess? A: Wherever Han Ba goes, she cannot find water to wash her hair, so all her hair fell out.

As the Yellow Emperor was gradually gaining the upper hand, Chi You, at the end of his wits, was finally defeated by the Yellow Emperor, losing his life.

It is said that the war between the Yellow Emperor and Chi You was the earliest recorded war in China. Due to this war, the Yellow Emperor gradually succeeded in unifying all the tribes in the Yellow River basin, the cultures in all regions in the Yellow River basin began to integrate with each other, and the early Chinese culture was born, laying a foundation for the Chinese civilization.

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