Water-playing Pools in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden: A Cool World for Children

In the hot summer, many adults take their children to play water and enjoy the cool at the Water-playing Pools. The refreshing and spraying water, together with the hurrah and laughter, has made the Green Expo Garden a cheering sea, where children can communicate and play together.

There’s no child who doesn’t like playing water so that the water-playing pools by the two sides of the sunk plaza are open to visitors every summer. The cool water is pouring out and flowing down on the steps. Looked up from the bottom, they are mini-sized waterfalls. Due to the moderate depth of water, children will feel worry-free to enjoy this good summer. The lively pools, spraying water, happy laughter, and lovely smiling faces all indicate children’s happiness in getting closer to nature and enjoying this summer.

The pools have been renovated this year, and the pouring water is more attractive. Besides, the shout-to-spout spring has become a new hot item. The louder your voice, the higher and more grand the water will be. When the water falls, it will create a fine drizzle, amid which you will feel romantic.

Recently, visitors would ask whether the water-playing pools are open when purchasing the ticket and, explaining that they come here specially for that. Some of the parents will take swimwear, swim rings, and water guns for their children to play satisfactorily.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration