Meet at Gubaidu of Xingyang under Full Moon, to Experience the Antique Mid-Autumn Festival!

“How long will the full moon appear?

Wine cup in hand,I ask the sky.”

The Mid-Autumn Festival of this year

Will come soon

With the 3-day short holidays

Plans must be well arranged

So as to live up to

The annual for reunion festival!

Meet at Gubaidu of Xingyang under full moon,

To experience featured cate during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a date for the family’s reunion.

Enjoy the glorious full moon, eat the moon cake, and drink the good wine

Watch the Yellow River, and taste the barbecue

Take family members and friends

For a unique reunion travel!

From September 22 to 24

Come to Gubaidu

Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival in different ways!

It is the superexcellent choice to enjoy the moonlight when walking along the Yellow River with lanterns, follow the romantic customs of people in Tang and Song Dynasties to celebrate the festival, keep far away from the urban noises, and watch the moon at the quiet banks of the Yellow River. You can enjoy the classical and elegant songs and dances of attractive and graceful styles of Tang and Song Dynasties, as if you are brought to the Moon Palace. With dragon dance along the river banks, the itinerant performance symbolizing the good luck will be provided. Some lucky tourists can also taste the delicious cookies made of oriental cherry for free.

You can go into the interior grassland, enjoy the horse riding, and experience the archery and sand motorcycle. There are even exotic baked whole sheep and campfire party.  

You can write down your own wishes on the Kongming Lantern for the Mid-Autumn Festival, and let it fly into the sky,  to feel the antique romance, and you can get the Kongming Lantern for free.

On the date of the Mid-Autumn Festival, besides the moon cake, every household will prepare a table of delicious dishes to enhance the sense of ceremony, but different places have different ways to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with different diet customs. Come to Gubaidu, and you will taste all Mongolian foods and experience the splendid sights of grasslands, even you are in the Central Plains.

Those, who check in the guest rooms of Gubaidu and shower-equipped starry-sky guest rooms of Mongolian grassland during the activities for Mid-Autumn Festival, can enjoy a preferential price of 180/room and a discount of the half-rate ticket.

Lantern Riddle Guessing

You will be invited to attend the award-winning riddle guessing activity near the gallery of Gubaidu’s wooden trestle. The answers to riddles are all related to the moon, showing stronger atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival. You can also get the Aobao prayer flags for free, and go to Aobao for blessing favorable weather and safeness.  

Harvest Festival of the Grassland’s Flowers Sea Scenic Spot

Start the Foodie Party!

Feel the Happiness of Harvest Festival Together!

Activity Time of the Harvest Festival: September 22 to 24

Harvest: sweet potatoes and peanuts from the sands of Yellow River banks

Watching adults busy with autumn harvest when running in the farmlands at a young age has become the precious memories, and you can come with your kids to experience the long-lost “No Pains, No Gains”.

Organic peanuts are planted in the sands of Gubaidu Grassland’s Flowers Sea Scenic Spot without any additives and pollutions, which are definitely green and healthy food. You certainly cannot miss such special “autumn gifts”!

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