Holiday travel tips. The latest requirements for entering and leaving Zhengzhou during the May Day holiday

1. Holiday arrangements and travel policy

The holiday period is from April 30 to May 4, a total of five days. April 24 (Sunday) and May 7 (Saturday) are working days. During the May Day holiday, traffic restrictions based on the last digit of license plate numbers will not be imposed on vehicles within the third ring of Zhengzhou.

The toll-free time is from 0:00 on April 30, 2022, to 24:00 on May 4, 2022. Tolls for minibuses with less than 7 seats (including 7 seats) are spared at highway toll stations in the province. The free time is subject to the time of leaving the exit square of the toll station. All ETC lanes will also be adjusted to free mode. ETC users are advised to use ETC lanes.

Please note: For those who are still driving on the highway before the end of the free period, we recommend that drivers choose the nearest toll station to leave the highway according to the actual location and time to prevent accidents caused by rushing and speeding while enjoying the free policy to the maximum.

2. Weather during the holiday

The weather in Henan Province during the May Day holiday is forecast to be mainly sunny, with a maximum temperature of 18℃ to 30℃ in most parts of the province.

3. Forecast of the trend of the road network

Comparison of highway traffic forecast in Henan Province during the May Day holiday

Based on the current epidemic prevention and control policy requirements in Henan Province, we advocate that citizens do not leave the province or the cities unless necessary. It is expected that during the May Day holiday this year, the total highway export traffic in Henan Province will drop to about 4.2 million vehicles, down more than 50% from last year, with a daily average of about 850,000 vehicles.

4. Epidemic prevention and control policies in Henan Province

(1) For those who return to Henan Province from outside the province of Henan, in addition to checking the negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours, they will also be assigned a yellow code and have two nucleic acid tests every three days.

(2) Passengers shall hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours before leaving Zhengzhou from bus terminals. Passengers from medium to high-risk areas in Henan Province and from outside the province of Henan need to hold a 48-hour nucleic acid test negative certificate before entering Zhengzhou.

(3) The exits of expressway toll stations and the checkpoints of the trunk lines of ordinary national and provincial highways will check the “health code, travel code and negative certificate of the nucleic acid test within 48 hours of all drivers from other provinces and drivers from Henan.

(4) People who come to Zhengzhou from outside the city need to fill out and submit the report 3 days in advance on the “Zhenghaoban” APP: Epidemic Services—Other Services—Registration and Management of People Returning to Zhengzhou, or contact the community and unit (or school) where they live to make the report.

(5) The epidemic prevention policy may be adjusted at any time in different places. To avoid possible delays, please make sure to consult the relevant departments by phone before traveling. Epidemic prevention hotline of Zhengzhou: 0371-12320.

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