Travel in Henan • Understand China | Special Activity: Have Fun with Cultural Relics on Weekends

We are both the inheritors and creators of the long-established Chinese culture. Cultural relics connect us with the past world without us. Starting this weekend, we will launch a series of interesting courses on interaction with history. The following courses are available this week.

Course 1

Uncovering the World of Bronze

Chinese bronze ware is world-famous for its beautiful shape, exquisite casting, rich decoration and elegant inscriptions. Do you want to know about these precious objects and the stories behind them? Let's uncover the majestic and mysterious world of bronze.

Process: team building→treasure exploring→task completing→puzzle solving →handicraft making

Course 2

Advent of Paper

Legend has it that Cangjie invented the Chinese characters inspired by animal hoof-print in ancient times. We have also found many early characters on bones, stones, copper, pottery, silk and bamboo. Until one day, with the advent of paper, words unleashed unprecedented power.

Process: team building→exploration of exhibition hall→play with hands and brain→craft experience→summary and evaluation

Course information:

Registration time: from today on

Meeting place: Lobby of Main Exhibition Hall of Henan Museum

Number of participants: 15 families each course (one parent and one child aged 6-11)

Tel.: 0371-61732151 (please call within 9:00-16:30)


1. Please book parent-child tickets in advance on the WeChat official account of Henan Museum;

2. Parents must bring their original ID cards;

3. Please call one day in advance to cancel if you are unable to attend the course due to special circumstances.


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