Six "Enjoy the Autumn" Routes Take You on a Tour of Henan

From October 10 to November 10, 432 scenic areas in Henan Province offer free admission to tourists from all over the country, including many scenic areas that are welcomed by tourists. The Henan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism has customized six tourism routes for this purpose, which allow visitors to see the most beautiful autumn scenery.

Route 1: A Wonderful Trip in the Festival

From the Spring Festival Gala of Henan Satellite TV to other "Chinese Festivals" series of programs of Henan Satellite TV such as the "Lantern Festival Wonderful Tour", to "Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour", "Qingming Festival Wonderful Tour", "Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Tour", "Qixi Festival Wonderful Tour", Henan cultural tourism is widely liked by the public. It has introduced a series of cultural shows to the Chinese netizens.

Cities and scenic spots in the route:

Zhengzhou: Henan Museum, Unique Henan·Fantastic Theater City, and Shaolin Temple of Songshan Mountain

Kaifeng: Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden

Luoyang: Luoyang Ruins of Sui and Tang Dynasty, Longmen Grottoes, Luanchuan Laojun Mountain, and White Cloud Mountain of Song County.

Route 2: Go on a Road Trip in Cloud

Cities and scenic spots in the route:

Pingdingshan: Yao Mountain of Lushan County

Luoyang: Muzhaling of Song County, White Cloud Mountain of Song County, Longyuwan of Luanchuan County, Laojieling of Xixia County, Laojunshan Scenic Area Luanchuan County, and Zhongdugou of Luanchuan County.

Route 3: The Quest for Secrets—Adventure in Taihang Mountains

The eight hundred li-long Taihang stands in the middle of China. It is undoubtedly the "Chinese backbone" in terms of humanities, geography, and cultural symbols. The majestic Taihang Mountains give the most beautiful section to Henan.

Cities and scenic spots in the route:

Jiaozuo: Yuntai Mountain, Qingtian River, and Shennong Mountain

Xinxiang: Wanxian Mountain, Baligou, Huilong, Tianjie Mountain, Baoquan

Anyang: Taihang Grand Canyon, Hongqi Canal Scenic Area of Linzhou

Jiyuan: Wangwushan, Wulongkou

Route 4: Conviction—A Revolution-themed Journey to Dabie

Henan is a province with numerous red tourism resources, and countless revolutionary martyrs have forged an immortal Great Wall of Spirit with their blood, which has become a powerful spiritual motivation for us to realize the Chinese Dream of Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Cities and scenic spots in the route:

Xinyang: the Former Residence of He Jiachong of Luoshan County, the Former Residence of Deng Yingchao of Guangshan County, the former site of Wangdawan conference of Guangshan County, the hometown of General Xu Shiyou of Xinxian County, the Revolutionary Museum of the capital of Hubei Henan Anhui Soviet District of Xinxian County, and Tianpu Dawan of Tianpu township of Xinxian County

Zhumadian: Queshan Zhugou Revolutionary Memorial Hall, General Yang Jingyu Memorial Hall

Nanyang: Peng Xuefeng Memorial Hall of Zhenping county, and memorial site of Fangcheng the 25th Red Army Battle in Dushu Town

Route 5: A Journey to the Source of the Chinese Civilization

The history of Henan is half of the history of China. In Henan, you can learn more about the glorious history of the Chinese nation, find the long-standing historical memory, and decipher the code of the profound Chinese civilization.

Cities and scenic spots in the route:

Zhengzhou: Henan Museum, Shaolin Temple of Songshan Mountain, Yellow Emperor (Huangdi) Hometown, and Kang Baiwan's Mansion

Kaifeng: Northern Song Capital Site, Kaifeng Museum, Longting Park, Iron Tower, Daxiangguo Temple, Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden, Kaifeng City Hall Theme Park

Luoyang: Suitang Luoyang City National Heritage Park, Erlitou Site Museum of the Xia Capital, Luoyang Museum, Longmen Grottoes, Luoyi Ancient City, Guanlin, White Horse Temple

Anyang: National Museum of Chinese Writing, Yinxu Ruins, Yue Fei Memorial Hall, Youli City

Xuchang: Chunqiu Building

Luohe: Xushen Culture Museum, Xiaoshangqiao

Sanmenxia: Houguguan Historical and Cultural Tourism Area, Yangshao Village Site, and Guo State Museum

Nanyang: Neixiang County Hall Museum

Shangqiu: Huoshentai Scenic Area

Zhoukou: Taihaoling

Luyi: Hometown Landscape of Laozi

Route 6: Martial Arts Training—Chinese Kung Fu Tour

Kung Fu is the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese people. Shaolin martial arts and Taiji Kung Fu were born, developed and went global in Henan, becoming the most iconic Chinese culture.

Cities and scenic spots in the route:

Zhengzhou: Songshan Shaolin Scenic Area, Songshan Shaolin Wushu Training Center, and "Zen Buddhism Shaolin—Music Ceremony"

Kaifeng: Wansui Mountain—The Song Dynasty of Kungfu City

Jiaozuo: Chenjiagou Scenic Area of Wenxian County

Puyang: Puyang International Acrobatic Culture Industrial Park, Puyang Acrobatic Arts School, Dongbeizhuang

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