Four Villages in Dengfeng Inscribed on the Fifth List of Henan's Traditional Villages

Four villages in Dengfeng are recently inscribed on the list of Henan’s traditional villages: Xiaohongzhai, Zhaidong Village, Baiping Township; Angou Village, Xuzhuang Township; Houshihang Village, Daye Township; and Bandaojing Village, Tangzhuang Township.

Xiaohongzhai is surrounded by precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs on all sides. Here, mountains are tall and beautiful, crisscross footpaths cut through the fields, sounds of crowing cocks and barking dogs are heard around, ancient trees tower to the skies, and stone houses are scattered all over the landscape. The ancient village is well preserved. Legend has it that Angou Village is where Emperor Shun educated ancient people, the place Boyi lived as a hermit, and a holy land where joss sticks and candles have been burning for thousands of years at the imperial Yongtai Temple. In modern times, the valiant warriors fought off the Japanese invaders. This well-loved place was fortunate enough to witness the beginning of the Chinese civilization and its cultural heritage has been carried on for 5,000 years. Houshihang Village has a time-honored history. The village was formed rather early, and its origin is tinged with legendary. For thousands of years, Bandaojing Village has been known for its wells. The villagers live here in a way that suits the natural conditions, and today life in Bandaojing is as quiet and comfortable as how it has always been.

Abounding in traditional resources, the 4 villages have different forms, styles and customs, and have particular historical, cultural, scientific, artistic, social and economic values.

So far 11 villages in Dengfeng have been inscribed on the list of Traditional Villages in Henan Province, which include Dongtou Village, Daye Township; Chaoyanggou Village, Daye Township; Bashiya Village, Xuzhuang Township; Laojie Village, Dajindian Township; Liucun Village, Yingyang Township; Junzhao Village, Junzhao Township; Sanguoyao Village, Junzhao Township; Xudian Village, Junzhao Township; Beigaozhuang Village, Zhongyue Subdistrict Office; Wang Baozhuang, Yanglin Village, Xuzhuang Township; Yangjiameng, Xuantianmiao Village, Shaolin Subdistrict Office.

Among them, Laojie Village, Dajindian Township and Bashiya Village, Xuzhuang Township are inscribed as Traditional Chinese Villages.

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