Enjoying Summer Vacation with Fragrance of Books

More and more children prefer to visit libraries, museums, art museums, and other cultural venues with their parents to enjoy this summer vacation.

Looking up at the sky of history in the museum

During this summer vacation, Henan Museum, Zhengzhou Museum and other cultural venues serve as the after-school cultural-historical classrooms, attracting many parents and children to attend exhibitions and participate in interactive activities every day, and explore the history of the Central Plains as well as the legends of “national treasures”.

Relying on its rich cultural relics, Zhengzhou Museum will launch a promotional campaign themed “How to Beat the Summer Heat” by creating an HTML5 website and entering the community in late July. The staff will introduce the knowledge about “Major Heat” and the products that can beat the summer heat made by the ancients.

Zhengzhou Museum’s Wenhan Street Hall will launch an activity themed “Welcoming the Festival through Knitting” on August 4, making the audience immerse themselves in the traditional culture of Qixi Festival through participating in the activity and knitting by hand. The museum also carries out voluntary explanations for children every day during the vacation.

Enjoying a vacation full of the fragrance of books in the library

Since the summer vacation, the number of books that have been lent out has peaked in Henan Library, Henan Children's Library and Zhengzhou Library. In addition, a number of libraries have launched a wide range of activities.

With regularized pandemic control in place, Zhengzhou Library will hold nearly 130 “Finding Pleasures in the Library” series of public welfare and cultural activities during the vacation.

Feeling the charm of art in the museum and cinema

Henan Art Museum and Zhengzhou Art Museum will launch a series of activities to attract citizens to visit the palace of art with their children during the vacation.

According to the head of Zhengzhou Art Museum, the artworks of famous Chinese and foreign painters will be exhibited. In addition, the experimental course for copying and creating children’s artworks, the parent classroom, the hands-on art course for children, and the art-related knowledge course for children with special needs will be launched.

Films released in comfortable cinemas also trigger unprecedented enthusiasm among moviegoers. Several outstanding domestic films have been released during the summer movie season in July, including the fantasy comedy "Mozart from Space", the sci-fi masterpiece "Rainbow Sea Fly High" and the animated film "God with Three Eyes", which are suitable for children.

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