Animal Kingdom, a New Landmark of Henan, Opens to the Public

On the morning of August 18, the unveiling of Enjoy Animal Kingdom was held at Shengmingdao Square, Enjoy Animal Kingdom, Enjoy Land. Enjoy Animal Kingdom, an animal-themed park that has been popular since its trial operation, opened to the public in the presence of Jiang Jiding, Director of the Culture and Tourism Department of Henan Province, Huang Qing, Member of the Standing Committee and Director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, Li Fang, Director of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, and Tourism, Hao Tiequn, Deputy Director of Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Congress and Secretary of the CPC Xinmi Municipal Committee, and other leaders from provincial and municipal departments. Besides, there were also nearly 40 mainstream media and more than 200 construction companies and partners.


The newly-opened Enjoy Animal Kingdom Shows Henan Cultural Tourism Enters a New Age


At ten in the morning, Enjoy Animal Kingdom officially opened to the public under one of its most important attractions-the giant "Tree of Life"-which symbolized the origin of all growing things, with the fascinating show Life Ceremony and the surprising appearance of animals such as elephants, ponies, and white pigeons.


Leaders from provincial and municipal departments attended the ceremony and witnessed the opening of this cultural tourism program in Henan, including Jiang Jiding, Huang Qing, Li Fang, and Hao Tiequn.


Hao Tiequn said that the Enjoy Animal Kingdom was an elaborate featured brand that had grasped the tourism trends of panoramas, integration, and high quality. The opening of Enjoy Animal Kingdom has drawn high attention of the public. As the program gradually develops and earns appeal and reputation over time, it will add new highlights, bring new life, and give new connotations to the development of the all-for-one tourism.


According to the speech of President of Enjoy Land Li Dongming, over the past 27 years, Enjoy Group, basing itself in Henan and spreading its business all over China, has realized the transformation from a "commercial carrier" to a "cultural tourism vessel" by seizing the development opportunity of the age. The opening of Enjoy Animal Kingdom not only shows Enjoy Group's experience and strength in planning, design, construction, and operation of cultural tourism but also indicates that Henan's cultural tourism has entered a new age of high-quality development.

Highlights of New Animal-Themed Park Are More Than Animals


It has taken three years to build the Enjoy Animal Kingdom with huge budgets. Planned and designed by the world-class OKE Group of South Korea, the Enjoy Animal Kingdom is China's first large comprehensive animal-themed park with people's interaction with animals, amusement equipment, show tours, a 4D cinema, and science education. With six featured theme zones, more than 3,000 rare wild animals of more than 200 species, and 19 sets of world-class innovative amusement equipment, the Enjoy Animal Kingdom applies the model of the special wildlife sightseeing and interactive experience and the one of domestic unique amphibious sightseeing to provide an all-around immersive experience for visitors of all ages.

Since its trial operation in early July, the new program has drawn much attention.


In addition to the domestic unique amphibian sightseeing bus, the beast sightseeing bus for close observation and feeding, and domestic unique popular projects such as the parent-child two-track racing roller coaster, Animal Broadway, and Magic Box, hot projects such as Sea Lion Theater, Monkey Planet, and Adventure in Sea King's Hall have also been put into operation with the official opening of Enjoy Animal Kingdom.


"It's impossible to participate in all the projects within one day. I feel great because now Henan people can enjoy a lot of fun without going out of the province." Ms. Li, a Zhengzhou resident, said in a random interview. Her remark was representative.


Age of Mass Leisure Tourism Calls for a Special Holiday Carrier


Behind the popularity of Enjoy Animal Kingdom, it is a world that enters the age of mass tourism.

According to statistics, by 2030, Asia will account for 49% of global tourists, increasing from the current 37%. China, with great potential, is expected to become the world's largest domestic tourism market. According to Xiong Xiaojie, a senior tourism expert and the chief strategy consultant of Times Culture & Tourism, China is now in the midst of transforming from "sightseeing place" to "holiday destination" and it has entered the 3.0 era of travel.


In this context, Zhengzhou, a city at the center of Henan in central China, is filling the gap of "special holiday carriers".


Since it was established in Xinmi in 2009, the Enjoy Land has successively run five programs. They are: A high-quality hot spring leader in Henan—Enjoy Royal Hot Spring, China's only indoor ice and snow-themed park—Enjoy Snow World, A high-quality water park with over 100 top leisure facilities—Happy Oceans Water Park, a new animal-themed park opened on August 18—Enjoy Animal Kingdom, China's first polar ecosystem themed resort hotel that has won various hotel awards before opening to the public—Enjoy Snow Hotel, which has been put into trial operation.


Relying on Zhengzhou's geographical advantage, Enjoy Land's visitors and revenues have increased at an annual rate of above 50%. Besides, its tourist origins have gradually extended to surrounding provinces of Henan. The build-up effect and the scale effect of the "new landmark of tourism in central China" have become increasingly prominent.

Enjoy Land will improve its large cultural tourism system step by step in the future. Now it is promoting the reconstruction and expansion of projects such as Enjoy Double Bay Commercial Street, Enjoy Ocean Kingdom, and Enjoy Royal Hot Spring.


As the consumption potential of domestic cultural tourism is being released, innovative programs like Enjoy Land will possibly change the traditional tourism industry and greatly drive urban economic development, industrial structural transformation, domestic consumption, and employment.

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