COVID-19 Expert Group in Henan Province: the Outbreak is Controllable Largely due to the Massive Vaccination

Up to now, Zhengzhou has completed the fourth round of mass nucleic acid testing. Why many people feel something strange of their throats after a nucleic acid testing? What are the differences of an asymptomatic coronavirus carrier and a confirmed patient? What’s the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in Zhengzhou? To find the answers, the reporter interviewed Zhang Guojun, the head of the medical treatment team for COVID-19 in Henan Province.

Many citizens always feel sore throats after a nucleic acid testing, and Zhang Guojun responded that there’s no need to worry about this, and they should drink more water and eat less spicy food after a testing. He said, “Such reaction is normal. The deeper to get the secretion in the throat, the higher the testing accuracy is. But this also causes stronger reaction of the one being tested. Everyone may feel nauseous after a testing. Don’t worry about it. Just drink more water and eat less spicy food.”

What is an asymptomatic coronavirus carrier? How are such cases found? Are they infectious? Zhang Guojun explained that asymptomatic coronavirus carriers are found mainly through the screening of close contacts, the investigation of clusters of cases and the tracing of infectious source. An asymptomatic coronavirus carrier can also be a source of infection have a certain risk of transmission. He said, “ An asymptomatic coronavirus carrier is one who gets a positive testing result but has no symptoms of catching the virus. But this is dynamic rather than static. This means such carries may show symptoms at any time. Or in other words, they are on the way to get a pneumonia. The main measure we take towards them is close observation, like taking their temperatures every day, and it is necessary to restore their resistance through resting and strengthening nutrition after quarantine. In addition, we have to get them to do nucleic acid testing and chest CT examinations. Once something abnormal is found on the chest CT result, then he’s not an asymptomatic coronavirus carrier, but falls to other categories since he has pneumonia symptoms."

What is the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in Zhengzhou? Zhang Guojun answered that although the Delta variant of COVID-19 is spreading fast this time, our domestic vaccine is still effective against it, and the confirmed patients are now under treatment. He said, "Now is the critical time for us to treat the patients, because we need early treatment after it’s confirmed. That’s the way to raise the possibility of successful treatment and reduce the mortality rate. This round of epidemic is controllable on the whole mainly due to early recognition, early control and early intervention, and most importantly, most citizens have got COVID-19vaccines. The effect of vaccines is shown after massive vaccination. Our expert group also believes that the outbreak is controllable largely due to the massive vaccination."

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