Tourism| More Than 2.6 Million Tourists Visit Zhengzhou during the New Year's holiday with a Total Tourism Revenue of RMB 1.146 billion!

As the just past New Year's holiday, Zhengzhou's cultural and tourism industry lusters the cold winter with outstanding tourism records. Yesterday afternoon, Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism released the latest data, showing that the city's culture and tourism market has been smooth and orderly during the New Year's Day holiday. The city received 2.639 million domestic tourists, achieving total tourism revenue of RMB 1.146 billion.

In short, the cultural tourism market in Zhengzhou indicates the following features.

First, it adopts strict epidemic prevention and control measures. Zhengzhou strictly implemented the restriction measures of visiting appointments and the 75% visitor-flow limiting policy at the scenic spots. Adopting the "Smart Cultural Tourism", the digital supervision service system using big data, the scenic areas can practice real-time monitoring, thus implementing health prevention and control measures at public places and strengthening the personnel management at the epidemic key area.

Second, the scenic spots are abundant in Zhengzhou. The "Imagery of a Great River -Aesthetic Study of Yellow River Culture" activities were held at the Zhengzhou Art Museum (Ruida Branch), while the Xinzheng Museum of Zheng State Carriage-Horse Pit Ruins carried out wood panel rubbing and archaeological experience activities. Moreover, the Gongyi Museum held the "Thousands of Changes" Sancai painting experience. The Huayi Brothers Film Culture Town of Zhongmu County hosted the "Miss Cat's Starlight Party" theme event to start an adventure to celebrate the arrival of a new year. Besides, the "Fairy Tale New Year's Eve" theme event at Fantawild Adventure and the fairy tale carnival launched at the Enjoy Animal Kingdom in Xinmi also created a strong festive atmosphere.

Third, Zhengzhou strongly guaranteed the tourists' safety by 303 person-times of law enforcement officers and 90 times of vehicles sent out, and 289 inspections for various business establishments. The city also reinforced the inspection of safety facilities at spots such as amusement rides, cable cars, ropeways, and cruise ships, strengthening the safety management of tourism activities with a specific focus on food safety, while fully implementing the Emergency on-duty system. Fourth, the city carried out civilized tourism with certain outcomes. Many cultural and tourism units further implemented the "civilized dining table" action, and the volunteer team services have also be improved, which actively advocated civilized tourism to travelers.

The results of a sample survey show that the city was visited mainly by tourists from the Henan province, accounting for 89.5% of the total number of visitors. For these visitors, family self-drive tours are the most popular traveling means, accounting for 70.5%. In terms of age, young and middle-aged people continue to dominate during this festival, with visitors aged 25 to 34 accounting for 43.5% of the total number.


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