Fight against COVID-19 | Tourism in Zhongmu County waits for the spring

Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the tourism market, which should have been flourishing during the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, went cold. In response to the need for epidemic prevention and control, tourism companies in Zhongmu County have announced the suspension of business. However, in order to create better touring experiences, tourism companies, while ensuring epidemic prevention and control, continued to prepare for work resumption, hoping to welcome tourists with upgraded tourism products when spring comes.

During the closing time, Zhengzhou Fantawild Adventure organized its employees to practice hard. Through "Fantawild E-class", it conducted online training on park operation, marketing, professional skills, professional quality, safety protection and other diversified and colorful courses for employees, which never stopped cultivating talent despite the suspension of work.

Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden started with improving the garden landscape, prepared the landscape nodes and flower planting areas, shaped the plants, and planted shade-tolerant plants under the forest. It also renovated the Cherry Blossom Avenue in the flower appreciation area to build a colorful, meaningful, pleasing and high-quality garden landscape, so as to make the garden more three-dimensional and abundant.

Shawo Forest Park launched the park tourist trail renovation project. It also upgraded the course products of the Baby Wolf Shawo International Forest Campsite and developed new courses.

During the suspension of business, Chenming Farm planned to build a new recreational fishing area, a self-service electric barbecue area and a reading room to meet the all-round and diverse demands of tourists.

Wanbang Qianhe Farm planned to upgrade its infrastructure, develop new tourism products and prepare abundant marketing plans, hoping to present a purer nature to tourists after the epidemic.


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