How Should the Tourism Industry Break the Deadlock amid the Coronavirus Pandemic? Industry Experts Give Their Answers

Amid the pandemic, how should the tourism industry, in the context of the new development pattern, cope with new changes and take the corresponding actions to promote its recovery and high-quality development in a rapid manner?

On December 19, 2021, the Third "New Era · Big Cultural Tourism" Summit Forum kicked off. Hundreds of guests including tourism experts and scholars, OTA platform representatives and over 100 travel agency representatives from across China gathered in Zhengzhou to discuss how to promote the transformation and development of the tourism industry.

Themed by "New Changes, New Measures and New Development", this forum is hosted by the Travel Agency Branch of Zhengzhou Tourism Association and undertaken by Henan-based Taihe International Travel, Henan China Travel Service and Henan Ruixiang Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd., under the academic guidance of Henan Culture and Tourism Research Institute.

Six major guests brainstormed measures to promote the development of the tourism industry amid the pandemic:

At the forum, Zhou Zhongwei, Tongcheng Travel inbound tourism CEO, expressed that "culture +", "tourism +" and "internet +" have accelerated the development of OTA platforms, and will also bring a brand-new tourism model to tourists. Xu Huayu, President of Anhui Global Cultural Tourism Group Co., Ltd., revolving around the theme of Upgrading also Represents a Development Form, explained how traditional travel agencies should break the deadlock from the perspective of understanding the times and being the people and enterprises that keep pace with the times. Xiao Jianyong, Vice President of Henan Culture and Tourism Research Institute shared his view on the development trend of the tourism industry. Wang Qunfu, Executive Vice President of Guizhou Tianyue Tourism Group Co., Ltd., Shi Dongxing, founder of Zhiliangzhi Oriental Academy and Suo Ligang, General Manager of Beijing Jinzhizi Education Technology Co., Ltd., also shared their views.

New changes in the tourism industry, new measures regular pandemic prevention and control and new-type integration development of the tourism and other fields...Zhao Shuhong, General Manager of Taihe International Travel delivered a keynote speech themed by New Changes, New Measures and New Development, redefining the value of travel agencies.

Yang Chengfei, General Manager of Henan Workers International Travel Agency, Rao Pinyang, associate professor of Zhengzhou University, Qin Wentan, a cadre at section level of Gongyi Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports and other guests attended the roundtable forum. They talked about business models of e-commerce platforms and study-themed tourism at night. The participants would visit Pangdonglai to explore its avenue to success.

Being inspiring, this forum was a lively feast with the theme of cultural tourism and a cultural event where participants shared ideas according to the audiences.

Li Mingwei, deputy director of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism, said that Henan's tourism industry is developing stably. They will have sufficient confidence and capability to further develop Henan's tourism industry in the next year.

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