The Spring Festival | Rich and Colorful Spring Festival Activities in Xinzheng’s Scenic Areas

A series of wonderful activities for citizens in scenic areas of Xinzheng have been prepared as the 2020 Spring Festival draws near.

I. Hometown of Yellow Emperor

Activities: The Yellow Emperor cultural tourism Festival and other activities will start from January 1, lasting 55 days. The Opening Ceremony of Yellow Emperor Cultural Tourism Festival and 2020 Xinzheng “Returning home” Housing Fair for the Spring Festival was held from January 1 to January 12; The Xincun Folk Temple Fair will be held from January 16 to January 23; the Spring Festival’s Eve Worship and Prayer Activity will be held from January 24 to January 25; such activities as Large-scale 3D Lighting Carnival in the Hometown of Yellow Emperor, Youth DIY Lantern Contest, Chinese National Customs Talent Show, Large-scale National Customs Flower Sea (Peony) Exhibition, National Lion Dance Competition, and Xinzheng Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritors and Folk Artists Cultural and Art Invitational will be held from January 24 to February 9; the Project Promotion Meeting for Yellow Emperor Cultural Tourism, the Yellow Emperor Cultural Tourism Integration Development Forum and the Award Ceremony of Yellow Emperor Cultural Tourism Festival will be held from February 21 to February 24.

Date: January 1-February 24

Add.: No.1, Xuanyuan Road, Xinzheng

Tel.: (0371) 69902555

II. Horse and Chariot Pits of Zheng State

Activities: There are two activities to be held. One is the horse culture photographs exhibition for demonstrating the role of horses in the formation and development of human civilization, helping to deepen tourists’ understanding of horses and horse culture. The other is the lantern riddles activity. Moreover, the following preferential measures will be offered: (1) free admission for above-70-year-old people with valid documentation and half-price discount for accompanying ones; (2) free admission for children under 10 years old and half-price discount for accompanying parents; (3) free admission for people with homecoming tickets and air tickets.

Date: January 24-February 9

Add.: No.1, Wenhua Road, Xinzheng

Tel.: (0371) 62680689

III. Ouyang Xiu Park

Activities: There are two activities. One is the Spring Festival Incorrupt Government Cultural Exhibition in Ouyang Xiu Park. The other is the “Sending blessings and eulogizing the Party” couplets and calligraphy and painting sending activity. Citizens will experience the stone rubbings of Ouyang Xiu’s famous article The Story of Old Tippler’s Pavilion for free to know about the literary master and his experiences.

Date: January 22-February 9

Add.: Ouyangsi Village, Xindian Town, Xinzheng

Tel.: (0371) 62530886

IV. Xinzheng Museum

Activity: A series of to-be-held activities including Chinese Zodiac Picture Exhibition

Date: January 22-February 9

Add.: No.228, Xuanyuan Road, Xinzheng

Tel.: (0371) 62698808

V. Zheng-Han Gucheng, a national archaeological site park

Activities: There are three activities to be held. One is the blessing signature activity that tourists sign their names and write down their blessings on the photo wall. The other is the Spring Festival “Golden Rat Promises a Good Harvest” Image Hollowed-out Photo Board to be offered to tourists and the citizens for photo taking. The final one is the “Beautiful Xinzheng” Photo Exhibition and other Spring Festival activities.

Date: January 22 -February 9

Add.: Northeastern Square of Zheng-Han Gucheng, North Zhonghua Road, Xinzheng

VI. Qianjiaji Scenic Area, Taishan Village

Activity: There will be Spring Festival Temple Fair. It opens at 9:00 and ends at 20:00 every day. Tourists can taste nationwide snacks and experience the intangible cultural heritages to enjoy a strong atmosphere of Spring Festival.

Date: January 25-February 9

Ticket: RMB 10 (charge only for the Temple Fair)

Add.: Intersection of Huimeng Avenue and Taishan Road

Tel.: (0371) 85901916

VII. Xinzheng Cultural Museum

Activities: A series of to-be-held activities including sending Spring Festival couplets to the countryside, chess competition, photo exhibition, pictures exhibition, intangible cultural heritage exhibition, performance of folk cultural activities and lantern riddles party;

Date: January 22-February 9

Add.: No.43, West Renmin Road, Xinzheng

Tel.: (0371) 60292600

VIII. Xinzheng Library

Activity: A series of to-be-held activities including free-of-charge Spring Festival couplets for readers and lantern riddles activity;

Date: January 22-February 9

VIII.: No.536, South Zhonghua Road, Xinzheng

Tel.: (0371) 63209966

In addition to the aforementioned cultural tourism activities, there will be considerably preferential measures. The Hometown of Yellow Emperor, Xinzheng Museum and Ouyang Xiu Park will be open to the public for free during the normal working days.

Scenic areas in Xinzheng will launch rich and colorful activities as the 2020 Spring Festival draws near. Just take your family members to enjoy the wonderful Spring Festival activities after a busy year!

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