Now! Let’s Go Out and Enjoy the Flowers!

Spring revisits the earth.

The winter jasmines are blooming and magnolia in bud.

Let’s go to the streets

and brace the most romantic season of the year!


Spring is in the air everywhere in the parks and plazas of our city. Various flower exhibitions under preparation will welcome the citizens.


What are you waiting for?

Come and see flower exhibitions listed below!


Warming up in March



In early March,

a magnolia exhibition will be held in Jingwei Plaza.

As the plaza is to be transformed and upgraded, the magnolia exhibition this year will explore the cultural significance of the plaza and bring out the cultural events featuring more diverse types and new forms that citizens find joyous to join.


In late March,

a Chinese redbud exhibition will be held in Zijingshan Park.

More than 7,000 Chinese redbuds were put on display last year, on which basis new varieties will be introduced to turn the plantation into the one with a full range of Chinese redbuds. During the exhibition, artistic performances and folk custom shows will be staged.


From the end of March to the beginning of April,

a peach blossom exhibition will be held in the zoo.

The peach blossom culture will be fully displayed by introducing the ornamental varieties and revolving around the theme of peach blossoms. Also, the cultural events such as the “most beautiful moment” photo contest and the reciting of peach-blossom-related poems will be held.


From the end of March to the beginning of May,

a grand Chinese flowering crabapple culture festival will be held in Bishagang Park.

The citizens will then be intoxicated by the more than 6,000 field-cultivation Chinese flowering crabapple trees and hundreds of bonsais. This year, the park will also expand the brand effect and social influence of the festival. An exhibition on old photos will be held to manifest the history of the founding and development of Bishagang Park and add cultural significance to the event. Also, the cultural activities such as the exhibition on varieties of Chinese flowering crabapples, exhibition on famous calligraphic works and paintings, revolutionary song concert, children’s talent show, voluntary consulting service for flower cultivation, and folk music performance will be held.


Blossoming in April


In early April,

A tulip exhibition will be held in Zhengzhou People’s Park.

cultural activities such as soliciting names for fine scenic spots in the park, contest at the scenic spots, photography contest, science popularization, and flower and tree knowledge service will be carried out.


From mid-April to early May

In Zhengzhou Botanical Garden, Zhengzhou People’s Park and Bishagang Park,

the peony and Chinese herbaceous peony exhibition will be held in the three parks simultaneously.

A total of 434 peony varieties and 94 Chinese herbaceous peony varieties will be exhibited in the special site in Zhengzhou Botanical Garden. There are four groups of peonies, respectively from the Central Plains, Northwestern China, regions south of the Yangtze River, and abroad, and nine colors of them including red, white, pink, yellow, purple, blue, green, black and compound colors. Among them, Paeonia suffruticosa “Yaohuang” and Paeonia suffruticosa “Wei’s Purple” are known as the “king” and “queen” of peonies. Guifei Chacui (literally imperial concubine with the hair clasp), Qinglong Womochi (green dragon lying beside the black pool) and Doulv (pea green) are outstanding specialties. There are also King of Flower and Sundae from Japan, and Haihuang and Jinhuang from the United States. During the exhibition, science popularization, peony culture corridor, painting and calligraphy exhibition, peony flower arrangement, and other events will be held.


From the end of April to the beginning of May

In Zhengzhou Botanical Garden Rose Garden,

the Chinese rose exhibition will be held in the two parks simultaneously.

The Chinese rose bonsai, boutique Chinese rose, styling Chinese rose and Chinese rose cultivation techniques will be displayed, and such cultural activities as the rose arrangement competition, Chinese-rose-related calligraphy and painting exhibition, children’s calligraphy and painting competition, Chinese rose culture corridor, and flower cultivation consulting service will be carried out. In the same period, an Iris exhibition will be held on Lvcheng Plaza.


In the early and mid-May,

A perennial root exhibition will be held in Zhengzhou’s Third Nursery.

The perennial root flowers of various flowering seasons and different varieties will be displayed, and events like the photography competition, lecture, calligraphy and painting exhibition, exchange on grass and flower application, grass and flower variety popularization corridor, and grass and flower planting technique consulting services will also be carried out.

So what are you waiting for?

As spring befalls,

Let’s walk off the house and office,

enjoy the sunshine outdoors,

and feel the fragrance of nature!

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