Notifications for Changes of Venue for Chinese Martial Arts Performance at Shaolin Temple During China KungFu League Conference 2018

From November 12 to 14, 2018, China KungFu League Conference 2018 will be held at Martial Arts Hall of Shaolin Temple. During this period, the Martial Arts Hall of Shaolin Temple will serve as the main venue for the Conference instead of for tourists. For the above reasons,  Songshan Shaolin Scenic Area will arrange a wonderful Shaolin Kungfu performance at the Shaolin Heroes Stadium near the memorial archway of “No. 1 Temple in China” as scheduled in order to allow visitors to appreciate the charm of Shaolin martial arts during the three-day Conference from November 12 to 14. Please come and watch then. The specific performance times are as follows:

Performance times

Morning: 10:30 --11:00


Afternoon: 14:00 --14:30

15:00 --15:30

16:00 --16:30

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