Shaolin Culture in Snow and Ice! Inauguration of Henan Zen and Martial Arts Culture Themed Ice Sculpture Gallery

This June depicts majestic and lush Mount Song and colorful Shaolin culture. On the morning of June 1, Shaolin Culture in Snow and Ice · Refreshing June 1 & Opening Ceremony of the Zen and Martial Arts Culture Themed Ice Sculpture Gallery with the theme of “Henan Cultural Tourism Celebrating the 70th Birthday of the Motherland” was held in Shaolin Temple Wushu Training Center (the Center for short).

In recent years, Henan has vigorously promoted kung fu culture and strive to make it the third Chinese business card after the Great Wall and the panda. Shaolin kung fu culture is vividly displayed in the Zen and Martial Arts Culture Themed Ice Sculpture Gallery (the Gallery for short) in another form for tourists to appreciate it at any time, which is an innovation for the Center in the cultural display form and cultural development and promotion. According to the Publicity Office of the Culture and Tourism Department of Henan Province, it will continue exploring the Shaolin Zen and martial arts culture and enriching and improving the cultural display forms in the context of culture and tourism integration. Giving full play to its advantages, it will strive to make greater contributions to the success of Shaolin kung fu brand and make the Central Plain well-known.

The Center is responsible for the inheritance, dissemination, exchange and display of Shaolin martial arts culture. In recent years, according to needs of the establishment and promotion of excellent routes of Chinese kung fu experience tour and the establishment of the Shaolin kung fu themed international tourist destination in the source of Chinese civilization, it has integrated resources and built platforms to display Henan’s kung fu image with rich products, build the brand of kung fu culture, create a kung fu themed tourist destination with international characteristics, and launch a number of cultural tourism policies benefiting the public, so that ordinary people, especially adolescents and children, can share the development results of Henan cultural tourism.

The Center specially invited over 20 teacher and student representatives from Zhanggou Village (a targeted poverty alleviation village), Shidao Township of Dengfeng City to the event on June 1, which was coincided with the International Children’s Day. Zhou Xianglin, a student representative, showed gratitude to the Center for its care and assistance. She felt proud of her hometown’s culture visited and learnt by tourists from around the world, and expressed the determination to disseminate the culture of her hometown and pass love on.

The Gallery created by Shaolin Ancient Weapon Museum is the first Shaolin culture themed ice sculpture gallery. It is elaborately created by Shaolin Zen and martial arts culture researchers and international ice sculpture masters after carefully examining the history. With ingenious conception and hundreds of tons of refined ice, historical stories are highly restored and reproduced. Integrating ornamental, entertainment and experience value, it displays Shaolin culture from a unique perspective and at multi-dimensional levels to create a new high-quality product of Shaolin cultural tourism.

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