Xu Liyi Investigated the Enterprise Which Has Resumed Work and Production and Held a Symposium to Emphasize the Firm Confidence and the Will of All to Overcome the Difficulties so that the Economic and Social Development Can Be Restored with the Least Delay Possible

The "7-20" heavy rainstorm disaster and the COVID-19 epidemic had a great impact on the economic and social development of the city. In the afternoon of August 24, Xu Liyi, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Henan Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, paid an investigation visit to enterprises and communicated with entrepreneurs, emphasizing the need to carry out the event of "10,000 People in Support of 10,000 Enterprises". He noted that we should effectively solve the difficulties and problems encountered by enterprises in resuming work and production with firm confidence and united strength so that economic and social development can be restored with the least delay possible.

Xu Liyi visited Zhengzhou Automobile Factory of Dongfeng Nissan and Henan Sengyuan Homa Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. to check the effectiveness of flood control, resumption of production, research and development, and sales, etc. In the meantime, he asked about in detail the practical problems encountered by the enterprises, and encouraged the persons in charge of the enterprises to have firm confidence and kick it into high gear so as to achieve the annual development goals. He also exhorted the local party committee and government to carry out comprehensive troubleshooting and help the affected enterprises resume production and tide over difficulties with not only hearty services, but also more practical and effective measures.

Xu Liyi stressed that the restoration of economic and social development should be tightly grasped in hand, and people in different areas and industries need to push the work back on track as soon as possible. It is required to publicize and implement the policies that have been introduced to help enterprises and benefit them, improve the rate of policy awareness, and ensure that the implementation is in place so that enterprises have a tangible sense of gain. It is required to focus on the actual needs of enterprises, which means, on the one hand, to further study the introduction of targeted support policies, on the other hand, to strive to form a multi-level policy system that can cover a wider range and help market players to overcome difficulties and tide over difficulties. With the transpositional consideration, departments at all levels should demonstrate a sense of service and play a key role in the restoration and reconstruction of the front line, standing and shouldering the responsibility together with the affected enterprises. Moreover, it is required to go all out to help enterprises fully resume production and operation, achieve the annual target tasks, and complete the formidable task of post-disaster recovery and reconstruction.

Niu Weiguo, Shi Zhanyong, Yang Dongfang, and others also participated in the activities.

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