Loving, Funny and Meaningful Family Summer Tour of Zhengzhou Fantawild

The summer has come to the end, but the family summer tour in Zhengzhou Fantawild is still popular. As the summer holiday ends and the temperature declines, many parents choose Zhengzhou Fantawild as their destination to spend an unforgettable time with their children. Why is Zhengzhou Fantawild so magically attractive to parents and a hot scenic spot for family tours?

Educating through entertainment to make the family moment more interesting

Fantawild Dream Kingdom is a cultural and science theme park based on a Chinese myth. Entertainment projects there integrate high technologies with Chinese myths so as to provide all visitors with a magic land full of imagination and creativity. Visitors can “travel” from the heaven to the sea in the story of “Myth of Dragon King” and “fight” against the Dragon King together with Nezha. Also, visitors can explore the “Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor” by taking the adventure car in the story of “Adventure in the Mausoleum”.

The “Light of Life” project in Zhengzhou Fantawild Happy World uses the giant stereo screen to preset visitors the history of earth and the splendid beauty and magic of the nature; “Song of Wings” mainly introduces the concept to protect the environment and to revere living creatures through the story of birds and clowns.

The time in Zhengzhou Fantawild brings happiness for all parents and their children by educating through entertainment. Children can learn the profound Chinese culture and experience the influence of high technologies such as 4D technology and holographic images while having fun.

With a careful and thoughtful attitude, to focus on every loving detail

Compared with other tours, such special family tour requires a safer traveling and a higher level of convenience. In order to solve the worries of parents, Zhengzhou Fantawild provides all kinds of loving details in the park.

In the “Bear Hamburg” and “Fantawild Castle”, there is an indoor recreation area with cushion for the children so that parents can have a rest when their children are playing in the cool children’s park. As for the transportation, small trains, children’s car rental and other services are provided in the park for free to facilitate younger children to play around the park.

In addition, Fantawild Holiday Hotel in Zhengzhou Fantawild Tourist Resort can provide a one-stop service for families to erase the exhaustion during the tour.

Come and have an interesting, loving and meaningful family tour in Zhengzhou Fantawild at the end of the summertime, to leave an unforgettable memory for you children!

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