Park | Youth Park Ushers in the First Autumn, Whole Park to Open by Late 2022

In early October this year,

the Youth Park was opened quietly.

This year, this young park

ushered in the first autumn.

Red and yellow leaves

are strewn at random, enhancing each other’s beauty.

Although the leaves have not all turned red in the park,

abundant autumn colors

can be enjoyed here.

Falling leaves

present a wonderful visual feast to citizens.

In the Youth Park,

there are yellow gingko and Chinese ash leaves,

bright red soft maple leaves, Chinese zelkova leaves,

crimson smoke tree leaves,

yellow or red fruits of goldenrain trees,

and green willow twigs

swaying in the breeze

as well as needle-like cedar leaves.

Although only the north area of the Youth Park has been opened,

there are already plenty of plant species in the north area,

including nearly 10,000 trees,

many of which will turn colors in some seasons.

In autumn,

the park is dressed in different colors,

bringing a big visual feast to citizens.

The north and south areas are quite distinct from each other.

In the north area, there are already colorful flowers and yellow leaves as well as visitors strolling at leisure.

The north area is designed with various featured landscapes, including the Window to the Future, the Stage for Dreams,

Chenxing Lake, the Square of the Future, Skateboard Square,

Rainbow Plaza, Yizhiyuan, Lvdongtu and various sports venues.

The south area is still closed.

Foundation pit excavation engineering

and underground parking lot construction are underway in the area,

so ground engineering currently cannot be commenced.

It is estimated that

the whole park will be completed and opened

by the end of 2022.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration