Three Cities, Three-Hundred Kilometers, and Three-Thousand Years Mayors of Zhengzhou, Kaifeng and Luoyang Recommend Their Cities

Zhengzhou Mayor Hou Hong

The flowers are in full bloom in beautiful days of April. Welcome to Zhengzhou located on the bank of the Yellow River, to pursue common development! What will Zhengzhou, a vibrant national central city with glorious ancient and modern civilizations, bring to you? In the limited time, I would like to recommend four tourism routes of the city from four perspectives: the mountain, river, ancestor and kingdom.

First, look at the "mountain": the Central Mountain — Mount Song. By visiting Shaolin Temple, the first temple in the world, Songyang Academy, the birthplace of the Cheng Zhu school of Neo-Confucianism, China's earliest observatory, and three towers of the Eastern Han Dynasty: Qimu Towers, Shaoshi Towers and Taishi Towers, you can feel the profound Chinese culture among historical buildings on UNESCO’s World Heritage List!

Second, stay close to the "river": The Yellow River, the mother river and soul of the Chinese nation. In Zhengzhou, along the 160 km riverbank of the Yellow River and following the footsteps of General Secretary to feel the great river, you can appreciate the spectacles of Heluo Confluence, which looks like a Tai Chi diagram, listen to horses’ neighing and wind’s swooshing between the border of two opposing powers Chu and Han, wander around the hundred-kilometer ecological corridor along the Yellow River, and listen to endless stories about the river in Yellow River Museum, Huayuankou Scenic Area and "Only Henan" Theater Group!

Third, pay homage to the “ancestor”: the Yellow Emperor, the ancestor of humanity. We review the process of building the capital of our ancestor on the Juci Mountain, and feel the splendid Chinese culture at the Huangdi Romance Park. On the occasion of "paying homage to Xuanyuan on the third day of the third lunar month", the whole Chinese nation builds the spiritual home of “seeking peace, amity and harmony with the same root and ancestor”!

Fourth, visit the "kingdom": The ancient "Heluo Kingdom", the source of civilization. Visit the Shuanghuaishu site, the Dahe Village Ruins, and the Ancient Shang Dynasty City Ruins to trace the memories about ancient China and unveil the origins of Chinese civilization. Getting back to reality after reviewing more than 5,300 years of history, we experience the opening-up of Zhengzhou at the aviation hub, visit Zhengzhou East Railway Station, go shopping through the Zhongdamen cross-border e-commerce transaction platform, go boating on the Ruyi Lake, and enjoy the cultural feast at the Zhengzhou Grand Theater, to feel the eternal vitality of the city!

The four tourism routes of the city make us have high expectations for the future. Welcome to Zhengzhou.

Visit the ancient China in Zhengzhou!

The Cultural Tourism Activity of “Three Cities, Three-Hundred Kilometers, and Three-Thousand Years” Recommended by Mayors of Zhengzhou, Kaifeng and Luoyang Photo by Ma Jian, reporter of Zhengzhou Daily

Kaifeng Mayor Li Xiangyu

Kaifeng is the best place to highlight the culture of the Yellow River and Song Dynasty.

The Yellow River flows through the north of Kaifeng, creating the spectacular sights of the suspended river and piled cities.

A famous painting depicts the beautiful scenery of Kaifeng in the Song Dynasty.

Kaifeng is born and developed due to the Yellow River, which is famous for its rich history and cultural heritage of the Song Dynasty.

Let’s experience Kaifeng in ancient times.

Please wander around the ecological corridor along the Yellow River, to watch the running river and setting sun, and feel the character of striving continuously to strengthen themselves of the Chinese nation fostered by the Yellow River.

Please put on the Song Dynasty clothing to experience the life back then at the Millennium City Park, and visit the Kaifeng Mansion, Yang Family's Mansion in Tianbo and Wansui Mountain to enjoy the prosperity of the Northern Song Dynasty.

Please take the royal boat to travel around the northern water city, read Song poems, listen to music, watch dances, enjoy the Lantern Festival of the Song Dynasty, and appreciate the historical and cultural classics of China.

Please go to the Xiao Song City and the Gulou Night Market, to taste the food of the Song Dynasty, and find the most beautiful nostalgia in the alleys.

The endless Kaifeng stories have the endless love of the Yellow River. Welcome to Kaifeng!

Dream back to the Song Dynasty in Kaifeng!

Luoyang Mayor Liu Wankang

Dear friends. It’s my great honor to be a "tour guide" for you. Let’s walk into Luoyang with glorious ancient and modern civilizations.

Entering Luoyang is to return to the warm spiritual home of China. Luoyang was the capital city of 13 dynasties at different times throughout history, leaving the wonder that of "the Five Capitals Assembling in Luoyang City”. The Erlitou Site Museum of the Xia Capital displays the “earliest China”. The National Archaeological Site Park of Sui-Tang Luoyang City reproduces the scene of the prosperous Tang Dynasty.

The first route I recommend is the "Earliest China, Flourishing Sui and Tang Dynasties". Walking on the old streets in Luoyang, and stepping on the Qin bricks and Han tiles, you can start a magic journey of tracing back to history. Luoyang is like a dazzling palace full of treasures. The second route is the “Capital of Oriental Museums”. The “Capital of Oriental Museums” is composed of six world cultural heritages of three terms, and 165 national and provincial protection units. A total of 102 museums with their own characteristics scatter around the city. More and more people come here and fall in love with Luoyang for a museum. Walking into Luoyang, you will linger in beautiful landscapes. The third route is "Popular Mountains and Rivers of Luoyang". Luoyang has many beautiful landscapes, such as Baiyun Mountain, Jiguan Cave, Xiaolangdi Scenic Area, and Laojun Mountain Scenic Spot, with small gardens all over the city. You will be amazed at the beautiful flowers of Luoyang. The peonies of Luoyang are elegant and poised. There are more than 1,300 species of peonies planted in more than ten large peony gardens, which become the ocean of flowers each April. The fourth route is “National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance — the Peony City”.

When you come to Luoyang, you can visit Yingtianmen to see a light show, go to the Luoyi Ancient City Cultural Tourism Park to explore the intangible cultural heritage, come to the Tianxin Cultural and Arts Industry Park and Cross Street to find delicious food. I believe that Luoyang will let you enjoy yourself so much as to forget to leave.

Welcome to Luoyang!

Experience flourishing Sui and Tang dynasties in Luoyang!

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