A Great Summer Time Starts with Fantawild Fun Season

From June 28 to 30, Zhengzhou Fantawild Adventure launched a series of anniversary celebrations. Seven children at the same age of Zhengzhou Fantawild Adventure had an unforgettable birthday here. More than 100 groups of families joined in the “parent-child race” at Fantawild Dreamland. Thousands of children interacted closely with dubbing actors of “Boonie Bears” at the “Boonie Bears Fan Meeting”. Tens of thousands of tourists had a quite pleasant experience here.

After anniversary celebrations, a two-month special summer event—“Fantawild Fun Season” kicked off on July 1. Fantawild Adventure, Fantawild Dreamland and Fantawild Water Park will launch three summer-themed events of “Fancy Watermelon Festival”, “Soda Party” and “Water Musical Party” respectively, presenting a grand summer feast for the vast number of tourists.

Full of Fun: “Fancy Watermelon Festival” in Fantawild Adventure

Summer would be imperfect without watermelon. Let’s have fun at the “Fancy Watermelon Festival” in Fantawild Adventure, experiencing a distinctive summer holiday. Here, tourists can take pictures and selfies at cute watermelon-style spots and participate in diverting watermelon-themed interactive activities for surprise gifts. There are also wonderful performances such as the Fantawild water pistol activity, “Boonie Bears”-themed flash mob, Philippine parade band, Russian fire dance, African drum dance, etc., which will provide a large number of tourists with an excellent summer trip.

Moreover, from July to August, Fantawild Adventure will open late-night shows every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The fabulous street dance performance, the fantastic float parade, the enthusiastic exotic performance, the mysterious gypsy divination, and the thrilling carnival party will bring tourists a joyful experience throughout the day.

Full of Vitality: “Soda Party” in Fantawild Dreamland

Soda is to summer what umbrella is to rain. Let’s go to the “Soda Party” in Fantawild Dreamland to feel the dynamic combination of “theme park” and “soda”. Tourists can experience varied soda drinking methods in Fantawild Fun Soda Challenge, as well as customize their own soda with fancy soda interactive devices! The playful “bear bodybuilding exercise”, the magic “puppet ventriloquism” and the fantastic “clown bubble show” will present tourists with a lively summer “soda party”!

In addition, starting from July 13, Fantawild Dreamland will also launch a refreshing and entertaining “Bear Waterfront Party” to immerse tourists in the amusing atmosphere of water activities and bring them an exhilarating summer experience.

Full of Coolness: “Water Musical Party” in Fantawild Water Park

The essence of summer is to play with water! Let’s join in the “Water Musical Party” in Fantawild Water Park to experience the integration of music and water activities. There are six major music themes: online sensation music, electric music, Cantonese song, rap, love songs, and ancient Chinese music, with surprises available every week. There are also interactive performances such as “flyboard show”, “Russian fire dance” and “African drum dance”, which will last for the whole summer!

Fantawild Water Park will open late-night shows on July 6, integrating aquatic sports during the daytime and excellent performances during the nighttime, and providing romantic and gorgeous “summer night fireworks show” on Saturday and Sunday. Tourists can have a refreshing experience throughout the day and feast the coolness and excitement of water activities at night. On July 7, “Double Seven Boys” (a Chinese male idol group) will give a fantastic singing and dancing performance here, setting off a climax of the day.

Let’s go to the Fantawild Adventure with several friends this summer to feast a fantastic, energetic and refreshing summer trip!

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration