Photo Shot | Online Voting Results of "Zhengzhou Nighttime Economy Landmarks" Are Released

On July 27, Dingduan News launched the online voting campaign named "Recommended Zhengzhou Nighttime Economy Landmarks".

As of 12 a.m. on July 30, the following 10 landmarks came out of 22 candidates.

Top 1 Pingdeng Street

Pingdeng Street is the first intangible cultural and creative heritage block for nighttime economy in Zhengzhou built by the Guancheng District of Zhengzhou. It was officially unveiled on July 8 this year.

Traditional Chinese intangible cultural heritage and geological humanities & art are integrated here; theme concerts by musical instruments from all over the world are held here; traditional culture and novel trunk markets both find a place here and attract many young people.

Pingdeng Street is also the first stop for revitalizing the ancient capital, which symbolizes the establishment of the market culture and the vane of the nighttime economy in the Guancheng District and indicates the aura of both modernity and antiquity only seen here.

Top 2 ENJOY International Tourism Resort

This summer, the three major parks under ENJOY Cultural Tourism Group will start their night service on the same day, and launch diverse summer activities via their eight projects to kick off the carnival featuring "daytime + nighttime". Meanwhile, Enjoy Land Hi Ten Circus will also be launched. The cooperation between ENJOY International Tourism Resort and the international high-end circus brand "Enjoy Land Hi Ten Circus" will present the art and culture of different countries to tourists.

Many featured products and services are also attractive to consumers and will bring them a leisure vacation.

Top 3 CCD Park

CCD Park is the first landmark destination for art toys in Zhengzhou that connects 16 large venues such as Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center, Zhengzhou Art Museum, Zhengzhou Museum, Zhengzhou Grand Theater, and Zhengzhou Science and Technology Museum in the Central Plains Region. It includes the Olympic Sports Center, Wenbo Art Center, Citizen Activity Center, and Media Center. After completion, it will have 300 plus shops in the largest semi-underground commercial space in Henan.

As for the nighttime economy, CCD Park has launched "2022 Wonderful Art Toy Night Travel", the Lighting Market, and so on. At the same time, CCD Park invests a lot of money to renovate the original night market.

Top 4 Unique Henan·Fantastic Theater City

Unique Henan·Fantastic Theater City actively innovates night activities and will launch a new one called "Night Magic City" in the summer. In the beautiful "Night Magic City", 1 main drama, 10 small dramas and 1 large wall projection show are staged in turn.

The 10 small dramas cater to tourists who like dramas. Patriotism, the Spirits of Henan Merchants, and traditional culture are showcased in wonderful plots. Before the end of the drama tour, the "Light of Civilization" large wall projection show will be on in Wheatfield Landscape Square, reappearing the cultural stories buried in the 5,000 years of history.

Top 5 Jinyi City Shopping Mall in Central Plains

As the traditional commercial center in the Western District of Zhengzhou, Jinyi City Shopping Mall in Central Plains has a huge appeal to Zhengzhou locals.

The first reason for the attraction is the technology-based new retailing. Due to the pictures with shocking, vivid, and highly interactive visual effects, Zhengzhou consumers can experience the joy of shopping brought by technological development.

Second, catering. The shopping mall focuses on the flagship store and first store economy. It aims to build the first store in Zhengzhou, the first store in the West, brand flagship stores, and popular restaurants and cooperates with many well-known catering brands, which establishes itself as the commercial center of western Zhengzhou.

The third is the nighttime economy. Jinyi City Shopping Mall in Central Plains makes the most out of external resources to carry out trunk markets inside and outside the mall, attracting many consumers at night. At the same time, it launches aquarium camping in its aquarium. Thanks to the series of measures, the tourist flow here is restored to about 85% of the scale in 2019.

Top 6 Xinmi Bridgehead Night Market

Different from other night markets in Zhengzhou, Xinmi Bridgehead Night Market is naturally formed. Grilled shrimp tail stores are located on the two sides of the bustling road.

This is the best open-air night market. No one would refuse to come here with friends and have small talks while drinking some alcohol in the breeze of a summer night at the weekend.

Top 7 CCRE • Huayi Brothers Film Culture Town

In 2019, CCRE • Huayi Brothers Film Culture Town, seated in the Dong District of Zhengzhou, was officially put into operation. The novel forms of performance and the innovative expression of film culture and Central Plains culture fascinated armies of tourists. Later, the film town combined its local characteristics to create evening-themed activities such as 6-hour Night Escape and Summer Carnival. Many people made a special trip there to relax and experience the beauty of Zhengzhou at night. The colorful nightlife has further stimulated the growth of the nighttime economy there and the town thus gradually becomes one of the important engines for the rapid growth of Zhengzhou's nighttime economy.

Top 8 Songshan Shaolin Scenic Area

Tourists can walk in the ancient Shaolin temple during the day to experience Chinese Kung Fu and appreciate the live performance called "Shaolin Zen Music Ritual" at night. Being in Songshan Mountain canyon to enjoy the natural stage is not only a joyful trip to liberate the body and mind but also an audiovisual experience of culture.

"Shaolin Zen Music Ritual", about 7 kilometers away from Shaolin Temple, was created by Mei Shuaiyuan, Tan Dun, Yi Zhongtian, Shi Yongxin and Huang Doudou. Visitors can experience the charm of the time-transcending Shaolin martial culture in 75 minutes.

Top 9 Haihui Port

The "Tide Gravity Party" held in early July innovated the form of the nighttime economy. As the leading gathering place for trend culture in Zhengzhou, Haihui Port has become an international, fashionable, and people-centered reception room of this city.

This year's newly opened 7livehouse+ is a brand-new and diversified comprehensive space for live music. The software and hardware there are professional, attracting many excellent bands to perform.

At the end of July, Haihui Port held a trendy camping life festival, which thoroughly showed the fashionable and youthful side of Zhengzhou.

As August approaches, more activities await the tourists at the port.

Top 10 Erqi Square Business District

In order to boost the nighttime economy, Su Jianshe, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Erqi District Committee and Mayor of the Erqi District, led many leaders in Erqi District to visit MixC Shopping Mall, Suning Dehua Street franchise store, and Liu Dao Xiang this summer to take the lead in experiencing the booming nighttime economy.

To promote nighttime consumption, the government extensively distributed consumer coupons and held trade-in campaigns for home appliances.

At present, Zhengzhou is developing to be a unique international consumption center city, gradually building a large group of demonstration zones for the nighttime economy.

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