More than 10,000 Plants of Lotus in Zijingshan Park Are in Full Bloom! Come and Take Pictures at Will!

"Across the undulating surface of the lotus pond was a field of leaves filling the landscape. The leaves reached high above water like skirts of tiptoeing ballerinas..."

Lotus Pond Under Moonlight, By Zhu Ziqing

What is the most attractive scenery in summer? Lotus flowers must be on the list.

What is the most attractive scenic spot in summer? That must be Zijingshan Park.

The Summer Solstice has passed,

and the 10,000-plus plants of lotus in Zijingshan Park

are in full bloom.


we have already appreciated this charming lotus pond.

How beautiful!

Floating fragrance travels along the winding bank; Shadow of the moon accompanies the gorgeous pond.

Her silken skirt is green as lotus leaves; Her cheek blushes as pink as lotus petals.

The dew falls under the osmanthus fragrans onto the checkerboard; The floating fragrance of lotus is like the aroma of wine.


Any picture of the buds

will be favored by the elders.

Any picture of the lotus

will create an immersive experience as if you were in the Hangzhou West Lake.

Zijingshan Park is one of the characteristic parks for lotus planting in Zhengzhou City.

Lotus flowers in Zijingshan Park have always been famous

for a number of varieties and a large quantity.

Lotus flowers dot the

massive green lotus leaves.

The beautiful scenery is not necessarily far away from us.

The most charming summer scenery is just around us.

A reader once told us,

he/she stayed in Zhengzhou for about eight years. It has been a long time since he/she left.

At that time, there was no lotus in Zijingshan Park.

Such beautiful scenery has resurrected his/her thought of coming back and having a look.


The lotus in this pond is really eye-catching.

Antique architecture

and elegant lotus are particularly matched.

People are like touring in a painting

You can take pictures wherever you want.

Importantly, it costs no money to visit the park.

You can easily get here by bus, tram, subway or bicycle.

Everyone could enjoy a happy and wonderful weekend.

There are also many small sparrows by the lotus pond.

They flit here and there over the lotus pond.

They are so cute.

People come here not only for admiring the lotus.

Some parents also take their children here for fishing.

Kids are no longer addicted to the mobile phones when they get here.

You can see "the vast expanse of lotus leaves show endless green" now.

But you still have to wait for days to see "the lotuses in the sunshine display exceptional red".

Are there enough flowers now?

Is it the right time to take photos?

In fact, the lotuses are not yet in full bloom.

But there are already lots of blooming lotuses.

There are also many buds.

There's no extremely fine craftsmanship.

There's no extremely difficult design.

There is only a pond of natural lotuses.

It has become one of the most beautiful sights in summer.

You can get inner peace and harmony in the hot summer

and feel the natural beauty in the urban life.


take your sun umbrella,

bring your camera,

come and visit Zijingshan Park!


Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration