This Year’s Highlights of “Intangible Cultural Heritage” in Huiji District

On February 8, 2018, the Review Meeting on the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Huiji District in 2017 and Meeting of Inheritors to Welcome the Arrival of the Spring Festival has been held in Huiji Cultural Center. In the meeting, Zhang Hui, Director of Intangible Cultural Heritage Office, reported the work the office did in 2017. Meanwhile, Li Qing, head of Huiji Cultural Center, read out the documents of Notice on Releasing the List of the Third Batch of Intangible Cultural Heritage Projects in Huiji District in Zhengzhou Municipality by the People's Government of Huiji District and Huiji District Cultural Tourism Bureau’s Notice on Releasing the List of the First Batch of Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance and Exhibition Pavilions in Huiji District, and issued licenses to nine district-level intangible cultural heritage projects and three inheritance and exhibition pavilions.

It is reportedly that Huiji District has established four provincial-level intangible cultural heritage protection projects: the Chengni Inkstone from the Yellow River region, the Guxing Funeral Customs of Central Plains, Lion Dance of Huiji Bridge and Brick Carving with Chengni from the Yellow River region. It has three provincial-level intangible cultural heritage inheritors, 11 municipal-level intangible cultural heritage protection projects, including Golden Sand Brick Carving, Paper-cuts, Pyrography, Egg Carving, Guxing Drum Play, City God Culture, Huiji Bridge Legend, Sugar Painting Art, Shuangqiao Wine Brewing Skills, Traditional Sugar Figurines and Blowing Sugar, Zhao’s Stoneware Firing Technique of Gucheng, and 13 municipal-level intangible cultural heritage inheritors. In addition, it is also home to more than 50 sites protected at the district level, and has successfully filed for four privately-run intangible cultural heritage exhibition halls and one intangible cultural heritage project teaching institute, topping all other districts in Zhengzhou City.

This year, there are nine more district-level intangible cultural heritage projects in Huiji, including Chen’s Dough Figurines, Canals Tea Party, Zhengjiu Brewing Skills, Folk Songs and Ballads of Guxing Town, Yellow River Sand Mud Tea Set, Muscle-relaxing and Body-building Techniques, Leather Carving, Yingze Ironware, Incense Blending and Making.

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