Zhengzhou Pavilion Leverages Wisdom of All Times, Showing the Power of Cultural Creativity in Commercial Capital

In May, professionals in various fields gathered in Shenzhen for the 14th (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair which opened on the morning of May 10th. Cultural creativity achievements of different cities and regions were presented at the fair which pulled together global cultural resources. During the 5-day event, in the “culture +creativity” themed Hall 2, Zhengzhou cultural industry will showcase its cultural creativity power which relies heavily on the new business type of “culture+” empowerment. The achievements made by Zhengzhou cultural industry during the new age were displayed in a vivid way, and the ancient and modern wisdom of Zhengzhou as well as the city’s cultural expression were manifested through a new approach and in a new way.

“Culture +”  Empowers New Business, “International Zhengzhou” Presents Amazing Cultural Creativity

Zhengzhou pavilion was in Hall 2 of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. With “culture + creativity” as the theme, the exhibition highlighted the features of new business type of “culture+” empowerment and vividly displayed the achievements made by Zhengzhou cultural industry during the new age.

By adopting a design philosophy of “international commercial capital under the heaven”, the pavilion uses Mount Song as the backdrop and presents Zhengzhou’s cultural image featuring “one mountain; one river; one founder; one temple; one city” in the form of animation. Through exhibits, pictures & texts, videos and multimedia presentation, the exhibition showcased the new fashion of fusion of technology and history & culture of the Central Plains, and the achievements having been made by Zhengzhou in recent years in cultural industry development and creation of excellent literary & art pieces. Among the exhibits, there included: yila reading APP and animation library which are examples of “culture + technology”; results from “culture + creativity” initiative such as Fun Monkey, Songyang cultural creative products, derivatives of family names, Luoli video telecar of yorkg, Luoli doll, animation book Star Wars produced by Xiaoyingtao Group and film derivative products.

A gigantic and striking 6m wide × 4.5m high “cultural magic cube” was installed in Hall 2. The surface of the magic cube consists of independently produced classical design patterns while the inside of the magic cube uses groups of square “magic boxes” for products display. Designed by “Yuyouji”, an enterprise based in Zhengzhou, the venue attracted a large number of visitors with its unique appearance.

 “We want to use the concept of ‘cultural magic cube’ to inspire thinking and discussion regarding development of cultural industry in China. Issues such as ‘how to modernize the tradition?’, ‘how to achieve empowerment via culture?’ and ‘What’s the future hold for the industry?’...” said Gao Gongpu, founder of “Yuyouji”. Woodcut New Year pictures of Zhuxian Township, bronze auspicious decorations and the culture of Chinese Zodiac are all used by “Yuyuanji” to introduce the culture of the Central Plains to the world. “ By seeking creative elements from these cultural products and inspiration from folk culture and intangible cultural heritage, we strive to build a bridge between the tradition cultural and the modern world. By allowing the general public to rediscover the beauty of traditional culture and the value of traditional life aesthetics, our efforts may help inject new vitality into the diverse cultures around the globe and thus adding new charm to the multicultural world.

As for cultural inheritance and development, the 3000-plus years old Henan brocade of the Central Plains was once again presented at Shenzhen International Cultural Industries Fair. “ To attend the fair, we bring a dozen of top-quality Henan brocade works of the Central Plains including Zen Shaolin music ceremony, Zhongyuan tower and Picture of A Hundred Horses. All these woks of art are vividly portrayed and possess an air of antiquity.” As Zhangtao, the person in charge, told the reporters, Henan brocade of the Central Plains leverages the cultural heritage of Henan and uses independently developed image technology to weave colorful silk threads into cloth paintings or calligraphy. The cultural products created more than 3000 years ago are presented in a way that is close to the modern life and art so as to add beauty to the Central Plains.


Leveraging local cultural prowess

Interpreting new image of cultural creativity of Zhengzhou

With 9 pavilions, 67 venues and an exhibition area of 105,000 square meters, this year’s fair attracted participation of 2308 organizations from 31 provinces, regions, cities in China including those coming from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. A total of 130 overseas organizations from 42 countries and regions gathered at the fair. Around 21,000 overseas exhibitors from 101 countries and regions such as the Untied States, UK and France also came for exhibition and procurement purposes. More than 500 supporting activities were held during the event. Cultural creativity-based products rich in cultural flavor of Zhengzhou were exhibited at Zhengzhou pavilion offering visitors a cultural feast.

 “The Kung Fu baby is so cute, reminding us of Shaolin Kun Fu of Zhengzhou.” A lady and her companion were taking pictures with Kung Fu baby doll within the pavilion. This locally designed IP image borrows its inspiration from the theme of “Zhengzhou Kung Fu is the most renowned under the earth”. The idea of applying rouge on the cheeks of the Kung Fu baby came from the red color of the gate of Shaolin Temple and the spiritual red color of Erqi Tower. The green belt symbolizes emotional attachment to the green city. The doll is dressed up an adorable little monk.

 “We bring two groups of products to this year’s fair. One group is city new image series featuring locally designed IP Fun Monkey, Kung Fu Baby and derivative products of Money Rabbit. The other group consists of embroidery-based cultural creativity products jointly created with local Bian embroidery professionals, and ‘Shangcheng memory-city new gift series’ which was inspired by local cultural elements of Zhengzhou.” Liang Xing, founder of Fun Monkey who is also dubbed “Monkey Dad”, told reporter. Fun Money and Kung Fu Baby are locally designed IP of Zhengzhou. To better promote the city of Zhengzhou, emoticon, cartoons, mobile phone themes and animated cartoons will also be introduced to the public. “We hope that this year’s fair will offer more opportunities for us to interact with other sectors and integrate more resources for inter-sector cooperation. We also hope that the presentation of the locally designed IP Fun Monkey and Kung Fu baby will allow more people to gain more knowledge of the culture of Zhengzhou and thereby falling in love with our local culture.”


Zhengzhou elements draw wide attention

“Descendants of Dragon Nationality” makes a debut

At this year’s fair, “Descendants of Dragon Nationality”, a family names-themed TV series produced by Zhengzhou Media Group, made a debut at Zhengzhou pavilion. The family names culture was introduced to the public in a new way via moving trailer, new style of promotion film and colorful reviews of activities of “star running club”. Derivatives such as family name cushion and family name kerchief find a place in daily life of ordinary people. By scanning QR code, information on origin of family name, totem of family name and evolution of family name will be obtained. According to Zhang Qing, chief director of “Descendants of Dragon Nationality”, family name kerchief will appear at Zhengzhou International Marathon which will be held in October and become one of the exclusive signs of members of “family names running club”.

 “Along the route, we will use such contents as family name culture station, family name culture wall and family tradition & family instruction to fill the running course with elements of family name culture. We’ll also invite family name representatives from every corner of the country to form family name phalanx and family name running club so as to encourage the general public to look at issues such as ‘Who Am I’ and ‘Where did I come from’. This is the primary purpose and the main message of “Descendants of Dragon Nationality”. As Zhangqing said, they hope the international event such as marathon will serve as a channel to promote and develop family name culture and traditional culture and at the same time, to reinforce the image of Zhengzhou as an “international city”.

Two exhibition areas, a 17m long × 2m wide dynamic “Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival” created by Zhengzhou Zhilan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and light & shade show of “Origin of Chinese Civilization”, displayed perfect fusion of ancient Chinese civilization and modern high technology (holographic projection; large-scale arc screen technology; VR/AR virtual augmented reality), and represented the level having been attained by Henan Province in integration of culture and technology.

As for presentation of the integration of light & shadow technology and family name culture, Shi Zenghua, the person in charge, told reporter that the design focuses on family names found in Henan. The characters on real wall are displayed through holographic imaging technology, digital technology and 3D display imaging technology. When walking in front of the wall of “Origin of Chinese Civilization; Native Place of Henan”, everyone will stop for a while learning about the origin of their family name and finding the roots of their family.

At this year’s fair, Zhengzhou enterprises involved in cultural creativity demonstrated their uniqueness among their peers. Through the fusion of traditional culture and modern consumption culture, old stories of Zhengzhou are integrated in a wonderful way with cultural creativity-based products which suit the aesthetic taste of people of today and at the same time, meet their needs for pursuit of a better life. The culture industry of Zhengzhou is set to thrive in a broader way in years to come.

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