Attention! The latest pandemic prevention and control policies of the Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park!

Dear tourists,

In accordance with the requirements of the Notice No. 141 of the COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention and Control Command Office of Zhengzhou, the latest epidemic prevention and control policies of the Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park will be implemented from October 12, 2022, that tourists are allowed to enter the scenic areas if a negative nucleic acid test report within 24 hours is held. The policies are as follows and please consciously comply with them:

1. During the epidemic prevention and control period, scenic areas will strictly follow the requirements of "flow restriction, reservation and off-peak". Tourists can make an online reservation through the official mini-program named "Visit the Garden with One Phone" (一部手机游园博) or by searching Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park in the mini-program of "Henan Cultural Tourism" (河南文旅通) in advance. Besides, tourists can also scan the code on the spot to make reservations.

2. During the pandemic prevention and control period, only the south gate of the park will be open to tourists.

3. All tourists must have their health code, itinerary code, and negative nucleic acid test certificate within 24 hours, and body temperature checked before entering; the scenic area will not receive tourists from areas with a medium or high risk of infection for the time being.

4. All tourists must wear masks during the entire journey and keep a safe distance of more than 2 meters from others.

Given the global complex and severe situation of pandemic prevention, the public needs to keep more vigilant and aware of self-protection, and always keep epidemic prevention and control in mind.

● Stick to wear masks scientifically.

● Wash hands regularly, have frequent ventilation, and get together less.

● Keep a safe distance, and develop a healthy lifestyle.


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