In Early Summer, Water Lilies Bloom in Zhengzhou Green Expo Park.

She is a fairy in the heaven.

She falls to the earth for romance.

She sighs in wind and rain, proud and upright.

She never allows herself to be lethargic.

-- Wishes to Water Lily

As the temperature rises, the water lilies in the Zhengzhou Green Expo Park have blossomed quietly, offering a different view. On the wetland lake, the west side of Nanning Garden and the water system of Jiangsu Garden in the park, tourists can watch the beautiful scene of water lilies swaying on the water, just like lotus lamps flickering in the water, impressing people with the early summer of The Zhengzhou Green Expo Park.

Now, it is the right time to view the water lilies in the park. Pure water lilies float on the clear water, just like a colorful ink painting. Against green leaves, red, white, yellow or pink flowers look even more beautiful. A light yellow bud, wrapped in layered pink petals, looks great. Occasionally, you see one or two yellow water lilies, surrounded by pink. The color mix is unique and chic. In the gentle summer breeze, the dancing flowers and leaves present the scene of “she is in the lake, but she cannot see the lake. After the mist dissipates, she smiles, attracting many visitors to view flowers and take snaps.

Water lily is a rare flower among aquatic flowers. Its appearance is similar to lotus. But differently, lotus keeps its leaves and flowers a distance from the water, while water lily rests its leaves and flowers on the water. Considering the characteristic of “opened at day and closed at night” in water lilies, the hours after 10:00 am during daytime are a good viewing period. Water lilies in the park are mainly distributed in the wetland, on the west side of Nanning Garden and inside Jiangsu Garden.

A pond, a pavilion and blossoming water lilies...What a pure and graceful picture! Let’s go to view water lilies in the Zhengzhou Green Expo Park at the right time!



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