Three Exhibition Halls Featuring Folk Customs Embrace Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden during the Mid-Autumn Festival

In order to publicize the Chinese classics, inherit the national culture and expose the citizens to the folk customs, arts and crafts, Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden will hold various folklore exhibitions in the Mid-Autumn Festival every year. A dazzling exhibits and traditional fork techniques will make you feel the strong festive atmosphere.

The works exhibited in three folk exhibition halls in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden differ in different festivals, which aim at helping the visitors have a better understanding of the folk culture. During the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, Gao Shuiwang Tang Tri-Color Glazed Ceramics, Innovative Art Exhibition of Chen Lianyi Mandarin Porcelain, Wang Zhonglin Woodcuts Exhibition and Henan Fine Folk Arts and Crafts Exhibition will be held to constitute a large-scale art exhibition, which has wide-ranging fine exhibits and a long-term display period (from September 13 to October 7, 2019). It is an opportunity that you cannot miss to appreciate these fine folk arts and crafts.

The “Monarch of All Beasts” with aggressive and imposing manner, the fearless and heroic “Great General”, the vivid “Auspicious Beginning”, the exquisite “Golden Festival of Autumn”, “Sing for Prosperity”, “Hometown Moon”, “Remain True to Your Original Aspiration”, “Lotus of Luck”, “Taihezun”, “Baby Dragon Zhong Zhong”, “Luminous Textile in the Moonlight”, “The Silk Road”, “Hope”, “Niannianhong” and other approximately 800 works will make appreciate the charm of folk arts and crafts. What is worthy of being mentioned is that the paper cut series of Baby Dragon Zhong Zhong comprises 18 paper cuts, including works named Baby Dragon Zhong Zhong, Firework, Pearl Ball, Wooden Bowl, Ancient Football, Shuttlecock, Dragon Boat, Bamboo Canoe, Swing, Crossbow, Whipping Top, Tug-of-war, Stilt Racing, Board-shoe Racing, National Martial Art, Wrestling, National Equestrianism and National Fitness Exercise, which present us the sports popular in ethnic groups.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, come to understand, experience and appreciate the folk arts in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden.

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