Poetic Autumn, Idyllic Garden Expo Park

Autumn is deepening.

Let’s free ourselves from all the mental and physical stress!

As the saying goes,

the most beautiful scenery always lies on your step.

If you don’t set off,

you’ll never know how fascinating your journey can be.

Look! The autumn sky is clear and the air is crisp;

Countless fruits have ripened;

The sun emerges from mist;

The sky is painted;

Grasslands are dyed dark green;

Leaves are growing yellow;

Autumn rain is dressing the Garden Expo Park in a lingering charm

Golden autumn is coming.

Come and visit Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park,

to usher in your best moments in autumn!!

Autumn is quiet. It is a season for everyone to get down to their own slices of life. Autumn is a beautiful paint bearing a story of love. It is an artistic and emotionally appealing season. The Garden Expo Park will lead you to the extraordinary beauty of autumn.

Golden leaves are dancing in the autumn breeze

The Garden Expo Park is endowed with intoxicating, absorbing and spectacular autumn scenery.

Among all the dazzling views, there’s always one spot to stick in your mind

Xuanyuan Pavillion towers in autumn,

solemn and graceful, simple and unsophisticated

Dressed up by colorful trees, the central mountain constitutes a unique autumn painting of the Garden Expo Park. The crystal clear Tongxin Lake catches our eyes from the gorgeous forest.

At dusk, Xuanyuan Pavillion, together with the sunset glow, is reflected in Tongxin Lake, presenting a picturesque and isolated fairyland.

As the poem goes, “I locate my hut in the secular, yet you hear no traffic uproar.”

The Garden Expo Park’s elegant chrysanthemums bring out the best in autumn.

The 2nd session of Autumn Chrysanthemum Exhibition of Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park will unfold on October 1. The exhibition will last until November 3. The exhibition will be held from the south bank of Tongxin Lake to the square at the South Gate, the inner square at the East Gate and the inner square at the north gate. You don’t have to go on a long journey to appreciate chrysanthemums. The Garden Expo Park will offer you 30-odd varieties of chrysanthemums.

Together with fluttering leaves in the breeze, chrysanthemums are to burst into bloom in this season! Bring your family to appreciate the chrysanthemums in this beautiful season!

Autumn could be pink!

Every mid-September to mid-November, when hairawn muhly blossoms, its purple-pink flowers begin growing from the bottom-up. Backed by green leaves, it looks like pink fluffy clouds in the distance. In October, hairawn muhly in Huawu Renjian has entered its full-blossom period, creating a beautiful wonderland.

During this period, the Garden Expo Park is decorated into a dreamy world. Even the air you breathe is filled with the smell of autumn.

Swinging in the wind, the flowers become more slender and silky. In the distance, they look like graceful dancers in a mass of pink cloud.

Pink hairawn muhly is waiting for you.

One month only, for the short but fragrant autumn!

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration