Zhengzhou People to Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with Folk Customs

Rowing dragon boats, making zongzi (traditional Chinese rice-pudding), hanging the wormwood, wearing sachets, and weaving colored ropes…as the holiday of the Dragon Boat Festival is drawing near, many scenic areas will hold various brilliant cultural tourism activities.

Under the theme of “picturesque and idyllic sceneries in the park, get together for festival celebration”, Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park will hold the dragon boat performance, park tour in hanfu (traditional clothing of the Han people), and extolling Qu Yuan by reciting poems in the memorial ceremony. The staff will showcase the hanfu, traditionally-designed sachets, oiled paper umbrellas, paper fans and other articles in the Yangzhou Park, Suzhou Park, Changde Park, and Xiangtan Park. On that day, visitors can not only enjoy zongzi and yellow rice wine but also take part in the folk-custom activities. Furthermore, performers will give various shows on the major stage and in different exhibition parks.

Visitors with full-price tickets to Mount Fuxi Xuehua Cave Scenic Resort in Gongyi City will have one sachet and a pair of five-colored ropes for free, and those to Kang Baiwan’s Manor in Gongyi will get the ropes. Moreover, customers accommodated in Xiaoyao Valley Hotel can make and boil zongzi for their families to show their care. From 7 to 9 in June, the Former Residence of Du Fu in this city will hold the activity that visitors can get free admission by reciting five poems of this prominent Chinese poet. In Yanyue Ancient City, visitors will have the chance to enjoy the drum beating, face changing show in Sichuan Opera, folk dance, and acrobatics.

At 9:00 every morning during the holiday, the Mount Song Scenic Resort in Dengfeng City will present the large-scaled Shaolin Kungfu Show on the Visitor Center Square of Shaolin Scenic Area, and it will cover the traditional kungfu routine, pictographic boxing, qigong, kungfu for juveniles, etc. Besides, this scenic area will cooperate with Shaolin Tagou Kungfu School in holding outdoor Shaolin kungfu shows in every morning and afternoon, and visitors will watch traditional kungfu routine, zen boxing, pictographic boxing, eighteen arms of wushu, kungfu for juveniles, and so forth.

Meanwhile, Gubaidu Feihuang Tourist Area in Xingyang City will hold the activity themed on “passion in the Dragon Boat Festival, challenging the Guinness world records”. Visitors can get the lucky sachets and five-colored ropes at the entrance and DIY zongzi. The Fantwild Dreamland Zhengzhou will hold the get-together for visitors to experience the charm of the folk customs, where they can take a bath in the herbal medicine water, hang the wormwood, wear sachets, and have the “王” (king) drawn on their forehead with realgar slurry

People to Yellow River Scenic Area can watch the large live-action performances of Ancestor Worship Ceremony by A Hundred Virtuous People and Oath of Peach Garden. The former one is a musical show, which will be presented by over a hundred of performers to reveal the profound cultural deposits with various comprehensive elements and large scale. Oath of Peach Garden reproduces the scene in one chapter of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, where Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei took an oath of fraternity in a ceremony in the Peach Garden.

On the morning of June 6, the 4th Intangible Cultural Heritage and Folk Culture Exhibition and Performance will kick off at Art Mall, where 30 units of intangible cultural heritage will be presented, together with the performances of lion dance, dragon dance, tea ceremony, Chinese zither, etc.

From 7 to 9 in June, Zhongyuan Tower will hold the activity of winning ticket in the lucky draw by reciting classics of Chinese studies, and visitors will have the chance to get the ticket to Zhongyuan Tower by reciting or reading any poem in the Tang or Song Dynasty or selections from The Book of Songs, etc.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration