Zhengzhou Zoo will re-open with ways of visiting changed

In response to the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control, Zhengzhou Zoo will adopt the non-contact ticketing method, canceling manual and self-service ticketing. Online ticketing (on or and QR code scanning (Zhengzhou Zoo WeChat official account or Alipay account) will be available. To reasonably adjust the tourist density in the zoo and avoid gathering, the number of visitors will be limited to 5,000 per day, and overseas returnees will not be allowed in the zoo for the moment.


Tourists shall show the ID card and scan the "health QR code" or show the "Henan health code" before entering the zoo. Those with a normal temperature (<37.2°C) may enter the zoo after getting their e-tickets checked.

Tourists shall keep a distance of 1.5 meters when queuing for ticket checks and keep away from each other after entering the zoo to avoid gathering.

All animals will be exhibited outdoors. If indoor exhibitions are necessary due to the weather, measures will be taken to keep the number of tourists in the hall no more than 10 at one time.

Tourists shall wear masks during the whole visit. Those who do not wear masks will be asked to leave.

The staff will timely exhort and stop tourists who misbehave, such as do not wear masks, refuse to get their temperature checked or spit or litter at will. Those who obviously violate the prevention and control specifications will be reported to local prevention and control authorities in no time.


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