Wang Xifeng and The Talented and Romantic Painter Created by Zhengzhou Henan Opera Theater to Debut at Henan Art Center

On December 8 and 10, Wang Xifeng, a new work of Zhengzhou Henan Opera Theater, and The Talented and Romantic Painter, a classic work, debuted at Henan Art Center Grand Theater.

Founded in 1955, Zhengzhou Henan Opera Theater has stuck to Chinese traditional culture and created The Talented and Romantic Painter, County Magistrate Cao Jin, The Father and Son, Tale of the Pipa, Dajizhuang and The Legend of the White Snake that won the Wenhua Award and the Five-One Project Award. Besides, it has cultivated many famous Henan Opera performers, including Wang Xiling and Hu Meiling. Wang Xifeng is co-produced by the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts (NACTA) and Zhengzhou Henan Opera Theater and starred by Zhang Yanping, a national first-class actress and winner of the Plum Performance Award. She became a postgraduate of the Performing Arts Department, NACTA at the age of 49 and takes Wang Xifeng as her graduate work. Wang Xifeng is written by Zhang Lingyu from Zhengzhou Institute of Artistic Creation and Rao Qian, a postgraduate at the NACTA. The opera marks the first cooperation between mature Henan Opera performers and young talent from the NACTA. After the launch, it is widely praised and attends 2021 Zhengzhou "Stage Art into Countryside and Community". It is based on several chapters of Dream of the Red Chamber, including Granny Liu's Entry into Daguanyuan and A Disturbance in Ningguo House, and describes a unique Wang Xifeng. It focuses on displaying the inner world of Wang Xifeng as a wife and mother and strives to create a comprehensive character image and a graceful performance style and balance the novelty and archaic rhymes.

The Talented and Romantic Painter was adapted from the movie, Flirting Scholar, in 1989. It is customized for Wang Xiling reputed as the first Sheng role performer in central China and is a classic opera in Zhengzhou Henan Opera Theater. In 2018, the opera was rehearsed again at Zhengzhou Henan Opera Theater and starred by Wang Fengqin, a national second-class actress taught by Wang Xiling. The opera ties up plots neatly, delivers beautiful singing, overturns the rough and unconstrained style and presents a delicate and graceful artistic style. The act, Picture Drawing, integrates opera, painting and calligraphy art and presents ingenious artistic conception and wonderful stage performances, remaining to be a classic work that is widely popular. The opera is the only Chinese work that attends the International Seminar on Traditional Asian Operas. It topped the third Wenhua Award winner list of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and won the Outstanding Drama Award in the Third Henan Opera Competition, having great influence around China.

Henan Art Center Grand Theater priced tickets for those two operas at RMB 30 and RMB 50 to support the development of Henan Opera, promote local operas in Zhengzhou and make the masses learn about and appreciate Henan Opera. Consumers can log in Poly Ticket's official website to purchase tickets online.

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