Where to Enjoy the Year of Pig: Yellow Emperor’s Native Place is a Good Destination

As Chinese New Year is coming, have you found the destination to celebrate it? Xinzheng City sincerely invites you to celebrate the Spring Festival here.


Yellow Emperor’s Native Place

People born and bred in Henan Province will worship their ancestor of Xuanyuan, also known as the Yellow Emperor. Xinzheng City of this province is considered as the birthplace of the Yellow Emperor, who also built capital here. The historically-recorded hometown of Xuanyuan has physical sites with its stories told by generations. And people believe that its siginificant position is decided by China’s ancient gods. The annual ancestor worship event draws attention of Chinese people around the world.

During the Spring Festival, the Yellow Emperor’s Native Place Scenic Spot will hold the following activities: 1. Burning joss sticks for a blessing on February 4 (Chinese New Year’s Eve); 2. The first session of ancestor worship will kick off on February 5 (the 1st day of the first lunar month); 3. Performances about folk customs and intangible cultural heritage projects will be held on the food street in the scenic spot from February 4 to 20.

Zhengguo Chariot Pits Spot

Zhengguo, or the State of Zheng, in the Spring and Autumn period, witnessed military battles but also boasted luxury carriages, affluent life, and ritual musical performances. From the existing splendid chariot pits, you will image its original charm two thousand years ago.

During the Spring Festival, the Zhengguo Chariot Pits Spot will hold the following activities: 1. Award-winning lantern riddle guessing activity will last from February 5 to 10. Visitors will win awards according to the number of riddles they figure out the right answer; 2. Visitors can get “fu” by throwing a dice and collect “fu” to exchange gifts from February 5 to 10.

Qianjiaji Scenic Spot

The towering Xitai Mountain is located at the south fourth ring road of Zhengzhou. And it is accessible with one straight road. Here, visitors can experience the scenes of “The charm of hometown, the impression left by ages”, “Passionate time”, “Sceneries of the Republic of China”, “Original Village”, etc. and recall the past days.

During the Spring Festival (from February 5 to 20), the Qianjiaji Scenic Spot will introduce new-year temple fair. Visitors will enjoy performances with Central Plain characteristics and exhibition of intangible cultural heritages and taste popular snacks of China.

Xinzheng Museum

As a national second-level comprehensive museum, Xinzheng Museum has collected over 50 thousand precious cultural relics and launched exhibitions of “Root of Huaxia—Entering the Former Land of Youxiong Tribe”, “Unearthed Cultural Relics of Han State in Xinzheng”, “Exhibition of Masterpieces of Tablet Inscriptions” and others alike. Visitors will have a look at the previous and present days of Xinzheng, the primary city of Henan Province.

During the Spring Festival (from February 5 to 20), Xinzheng Museum will hold new-year painting and calligraphy exhibition, inviting you to see the masterwork, and celebrate the festival.

Ouyang Xiu Park

Visitors can cherish the memory of Ouyang Xiu, a master of writings in China, and abandon themselves to the natural landscapes here. In this park, there are towering pines and cypresses, closely-placed bamboos, and erecting stone tablets. The 22 pieces of prefaces and postscripts of celebrities in different dynasties are more than valuable. Among them, the inscriptions of Su Shi, a great writer, can be called excellent art treasure.

During the Spring Festival, Ouyang Xiu Park will introduce these activities: 1. On February 2, it will hold the activity of sending column couplets, calligraphy, and paintings for expressing best wishes and extolling the Chinese Communist Party, and the works will be created and sent on site; 2. From February 5 to 20, it will hold an exhibition to promote the culture of honest and clean government, and stories about the integrity of Ouyang Xiu will play a major role; 3. From February 5 to 20, visitors can experience the stone rubbing technique here for free and create their own works.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration