Zhengzhou Fantawild to Invite Hundred-Family Fans to Watch the Limited Release of Boonie Bears: The Wild Life in Advance

Zhengzhou Fantawild Resort will hold the limited release of Boonie Bears: The Wild Life, the seventh animated film of the Boonie Bears series, in CGV Cinema in Zhenghong City on January 11 and invite nearly hundred-family boonie bear fans to watch this latest film.

In this film, the heroes Briar, Bramble and Vick will bravely embark on an adventurous journey to the Wild Land. Vick will shave off his iconic beard and transform into animals as diverse as lizards, bears, monkeys, owls, change his previous bald-headed image and participate in the adventurous yet funny million-prize competition.

R1SE members He Luoluo, Yan Xujia, Zhai Xiaowen, Zhao Lei, and Zhao Rang sang the interlude “Infinite Wonders” for the film. The youthful voice, dynamic melody and influential lyrics will lead the audience to bravely embark on a wonderful adventure.

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